Tizen Steering Group Keynote

Lee Hogun

Hyogun Lee

Executive Vice President
Samsung Co-chair
Tizen Technical Steering Group

Dr. Hyogun Lee is an Executive Vice President at Samsung Electronics, and Head of Software Platform Team of Software Center, leading the development of Tizen Open Source Platform for smart devices, such as smartphones, smart watches, tablets, IVI (In-Vehicle Infotainment), Digital TV, etc. Before holding this position, he was Head of R&D at Visual Display Business Division and led development of Samsung TV products. Dr. Lee earned his PhD from KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology) in Korea.



Guangnan Ni(倪光南)

Academician,Chinese Academy of Engineering
Researcher,Institute of Computing Technology of Chinese Academy of Sciences
Chairman,Chinese Information Processing Society of China
Consultant,China Information Operating System Alliance

Ni Guangnan is one of the figureheads in the Chinese IT Industry. He has an expansive experience and expertise making him an impressive resource when it comes to Information Technology.

He is active in both public and private organizations such as: Counselor with the People's Government of Beijing Municipality; Representative at the Eighth Session of the National People's Congress; Member at the Eighth and Ninth sessions of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference; and invited member at the Fifth session of the China Youth Federation. Researcher with the Institute of Computing Technology for the Chinese Academy of Sciences; Director General of the Chinese Information Processing Society of China; Academician with the Chinese Academy of Engineering; Director of the Technical Committee of China Information Terminal OS Alliance. Chief Engineer of the Lenovo Group; One of the first scholars to study Information Processing and Pattern Recognition for Chinese characters; and proposed and achieved predictive inputting for Chinese characters.

In recent years, he has been committed to promoting Open Source software, Operations Systems like Linux in China, Chinese-made software, and Open Document standards like Chinese standard UOF. He has also contributed to relevant policy-making


Bo Wang(王波)

Vice President of Tencent Mobile Internet Group

Bo Wang,joined Tencent in 2006, managing cooperative development and international business. Now he serves as Vice President of Tencent MIG, mainly responsible for relevant business cooperation with and management of Tencent’s operators. Before joining Tencent, Bo Wang had got 10 years’ experience in telecommunication: he ever worked in Nokia and Huawei, responsible for the businesses of both companies in Asia and Latin America. Mr. Bo Wang received his bachelor’s degree of Computer Engineering from Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, and MBA degree from University of Michigan in 2003.


Evan Spytma

APAC Regional Manager General Manager

Evan Spytma is the APAC Regional Manager GM for Unity Technologies.  With over 15 years of experience in Asia and 18 multi-platform game launches across 5 languages, Evan is a seasoned marketing and business development professional. In the past he led and defined PopCap’s expansion into SE Asia’s mobile social market and skill based gaming in Asia Pacific.


Jun Liu

Vice President

Jun Liu, Vice President of Baidu, in charge of core business of Baidu included: Maps Business Unit, Baidu Mobile Search application etc.

As the former deputy dean of the Google China Engineering Research Institute, Mr. Liu formed and led the engineering team and oversaw Google’s entire Chinese search services. Prior to that, Mr. Liu had worked at Microsoft headquarters for 11 years, led the efforts in developing core technologies that are deployed in Windows, Office and MSN, including a natural language interface platform. 


Curtis Sasaki

Vice President of Ecosystems and IoT General Manager
Samsung Electronics

Curtis Sasaki is the vice president of ecosystems and IoT general manager for Samsung Strategy and Innovation Center (SSIC). He leads new business creation and is responsible for driving growth and innovation through product, technology and ecosystem development.

Prior to SSIC, Curtis was Senior Vice President of Samsung Media Solutions Center America (MSCA), where he oversaw the development of Samsung’s media services that work with Samsung Smart TVs, smartphones, tablets and other connected devices to deliver the best apps and content to the connected consumer. At MSCA, he also lead the Innovation Lab, a team that focuses on developing pioneering cloud services, the Developer Relations team that drove the Samsung Developer Conferences, as well as the North American Content Services team, which focuses on content partnerships and strategic partner relations.

Curtis has appeared at a number of prestigious conferences as keynote/invited speaker including CES, JavaOne Conference, Blackberry Developers Conference, and Apple Developer Conferences. He is the recipient of more than 7 patents for innovative technologies.



Agnieszka Janowicz

Samsung Electronics, Poland
session :Walkthrough: Tizen Native Applications Development

Agnieszka is currently a software engineer in Samsung Electronics R&D in Poland. She is a member of a team that, among others, develops native sample applications that demonstrate how to make use of the powerful tools Tizen Native API has to offer. Her passion for smart solutions in mobile applications development doesn’t stop when she’s out of the office - she explores developing mobile applications on other mobile platforms in her free time.


Ashok Subash

Samsung Electronics, India
session :IoTivity – Connecting Things With IoT

Ashok is a Software Architect for IoTivity Framework at the Software Center (SWC) Group at Samsung R & D Institute India Bangalore. He was also involved in architecture, design and development of connectivity solutions in Samsung used in Smartphones and Wearable devices. Ashok spent his initial years at Samsung developing IPSec, Wireless Profiled TCP and was also involved in the research of porting Gecko based web engine for resource constrained Mobile and Camera platforms.


Brian Warner

Samsung Electronics, USA
session :An introduction to Tizen strategy and Tizen platform development

Brian Warner is Senior Open Source Strategist at Samsung Research America, where he is responsible for guiding Samsung's open source strategy, collaborative projects, strategic projects, and relationships with open source foundations and consortia. Prior to joining Samsung he was Director of Client Services at The Linux Foundation, where he managed Tizen Project and a variety of other Linux Foundation Collaborative Projects.


Carsten Haitzler

Samsung Electronics
session :Tizen Native Development - Tips to Save Time and Trouble

Carsten has worked in the Linux and Open Source industries for over 14 years in several countries on all sides of the globe, has contributed to several open source projects and is best known for founding the Enlightenment Window Manager project and EFL and having written lots of graphics related code for Linux & X11. He currently lives in Korea and works as a Master Engineer for Samsung Electronics and helps architect and drive graphics, toolkits and related code for Tizen.


Cedric BAIL

Samsung Electronics, USA
session :Tizen Native UI - A True & Free Software Graphical Toolkit Designed for the Embedded World

Cedric Bail is a computer science engineer, long time contributor to the Enlightenment project and now working for Samsung Open Source Group. He worked before for two French operators in their R&D department. He has been involved in several Free or Open Source project in the past 15 years, was involved a lot in the French Enlightenment community and is an experienced C developer. He is behind many refactoring, speed and memory improvement of EFL, making risky change that invariable tend to break something somewhere.


Chang-Seok Oh

Samsung Electronics
session : Tizen SDK Annual Report – Key Improvements

Changseok Oh is a member of Tizen SDK Team in Samsung electronics. He currently works on developing overall Tizen SDK tools; which includes web/Native development tools, emulator and various profiling tools.


Christopher Michael

Samsung Electronics, USA
session :Utilizing Wayland to Improve Performance on Tizen

Christopher Michael has been an EFL/Enlightenment developer for over 13 years and is now working for the Samsung Open Source Group. Among his many ongoing projects include his work to port the Enlightenment Foundation Libraries to the Wayland protocol, porting Tizen Window Manager to use the Wayland protocol, and writing an IRC client which will function using the Wayland protocol. He has given several talks at various LinuxCon events all around the globe, generally focused on Wayland.


Derek Foreman

Samsung Electronics, USA
session :Utilizing Wayland to Improve Performance on Tizen

Derek Foreman writes open source software for Samsung's Open Source Group, specializing in graphics work. Previously, he was on the graphics team at an open source consultancy where he primarily focused on hardware enablement and software optimization for embedded systems. His career started at a biomedical institute where he developed analysis and control software for medical imaging equipment.


Guanghui Qu

session :Join Tizen Ecosystem with Cocos

Guanghui Qu, the core developer of Cocos2d-x engine, focusing on the UI framework improvement and team efficiency improvement of Cocos2d-x . He is the lead developer of Tizen platform support, and has also participated in Tizen porting plan with Samsung engineers.


Haichao Jiang

Samsung Electronics, China
session : Introduction to Tizen TV SDK

Haichao is an expert developer of DTV Domain, having been worked with TV relation profile for many years, and focusing on Tizen TV SDK implementation in 2015. Haichao and partners are trying to provide good stability and usability TV SDK based on current and future technologies. Prior to joining Samsung, Haichao spent over 10 years for software in large technology companies.


Jadwiga Sosnowska

Samsung Electronics, Poland
session : Apps on Your Wrist - A Tizen Wearable Overview

Jadwiga is a Software Engineer for Samsung R&D Institute in Poland and Ph.D. student in the Institute of Informatics at University of Warsaw. Her passion to JavaScript-powered solutions brought her to Tizen platform. She is a member of the team which develops Advanced UI Framework for Tizen Platform (TAU).


Jessie Yang

session :Reimagining Mobile Advertising

Jessie is the General Manager of InMobi Greater China with overall responsibilities to lead and scale up InMobi’s business in China including Taiwan and Hong Kong. She brings extensive experience in mobile ecosystem with proven track record in general management and business operations in China.

Prior to InMobi, Jessie was the GM of Business Development and VP of Operations of TOM Group in charge of mobile internet business development and new media business.  Before TOM Group, she was COO of Sky Flying Media Group in charge of overall business.  She also was worked at McKinsey & Company as Senior Engagement Manager covering TMT sector.

Jessie holds a MBA degree from MIT Sloan School of Management.


Jongwoo Chae

Samsung Electronics
session :Tizen Platform Development Process and Infrastructure

Jongwoo Chae is leading the operation of the infrastructure to develop Tizen platform and supporting various Tizen product teams of Samsung and other companies. His team is also developing SCM tools and services for the efficient platform development. Before joining Tizen, he has worked as a build system developer with Debian and he was a security and application framework developer of Linux platform of Samsung.


Kamil Grondys

Samsung Electronics, Poland
session :Wearable Sensors in Health Applications

Kamil is a software engineer and Tizen Community Manager at Samsung R&D Institute Poland. With more than 6 years experience in this R&D, Kamil has lead various projects involving Developer Relations, Tizen In-App Purchase, bada Evangelism, and University Collaboration Project. Kamil joined Samsung in July, 2009. Prior to that, he was a software engineer in the area of web development for more than 4 years.


Leon Anavi

Konsulko Group 
session : Creating new Tizen profiles using the Yocto Project

Leon Anavi is a software engineer and an open source enthusiast. He works for Konsulko Group and he is the author of Tizen Cookbook printed by Packt Publishing. Leon is a co-maintainer of Tizen on Yocto. His professional experience includes web and mobile application development for various platforms as well as porting Tizen to devices with Rockchip and Allwinner (aka sunxi) SoC. Leon holds a masters in Information Technology from Technical University Sofia. His previous speaking experience includes talks about Tizen and other open source projects during events in San Francisco, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Brussels, Bratislava, Sofia and his hometown Plovdiv.


Liang Wu

Samsung Electronics, China
session : Tizen TV: Extended Streaming Service

Wu Liang is Developer, Technology leader for Samsung TV App & UI, work in SRC-Nanjing. He has 3 years developing experience for Tizen TV App and Middleware, and one of first batch contributor for Hybrid App & UI Framework. Wu Liang has worked for Samsung Smart TV more than 6 years, scope cover OTT service, multimedia processing, app engine and etc.


Liming Zhang

session : Using Unity to create better gaming experiences on Tizen

Unity Developer Relations Engineer, Liming has several years of experience in game engine and graphics engine development, and were involved in the making of several games as a game developer.


Luc Julia

Samsung Electronics, USA
session :SAMI, an IoT platform for easy device interoperability

Dr. Luc JULIA is Vice President of Innovation at the Samsung Strategy and Innovation Center, spearheading the development of SAMI, an open and agnostic cloud-based data ecosystem. Previously, Luc directed Siri, Apple’s personal voice assistant, and was chief technologist at Hewlett-Packard. He has cofounded a number of companies, including ORB Networks, where he invented “place shifting”. He began his career at SRI International, where he was involved in development of the first smart refrigerator and car, as well as the creation of Nuance Communications, now the world leader in speech recognition. Luc earned a Ph.D. in computer science at the Ecole Nationale Superieure des Telecommunications in Paris.


Mats Wichmann

Samsung Electronics, USA
session : How Tizen Compliance Reduces Fragmentation

Mats has been working in and around the open source world since the 1980's. He has worked as a system developer, architect, trainer, author, consultant and engineering manager at various times. For the past 15 years he has been involved in a number of software-compatibility standards efforts such as the Linux Standard Base and POSIX. These days he is working on compliance (software compatibility) programs for Tizen mobile operating system and the Open Interconnect Consortium (Internet of Things). Mats has spoken at numerous conferences over the years including LinuxCon, Tizen Developer Conference, linuxconf.au, Linux Symposium, LinuxTag, Linux Kongress, Linux World Expo, the Meego Conference and more.


Mauro Carvalho Chehab

Samsung Electronics, Brazil
session :Bringing Tizen to a Raspberry PI 2 Near You!

Mauro is the upstream maintainer of the Linux kernel media and EDAC subsystems, and also a major contributor for the Reliability Availability and Serviceability (RAS) subsystems. Mauro also maintains Tizen on Yocto packages upstream. He works for the Samsung Open Source Group since 2013. Has worked during 5 years at the Red Hat RHEL Kernel team, having broad experience in telecommunications due to his work at some of the Brazilian largest wired and wireless carriers.


Michal Seklewski

Samsung Electronics, Poland
session : A Synergetic Approach with Multiple Tizen Devices

For nearly 3 years in Samsung Michal is involved in creating innovative solutions for Tizen Platform. He is a member of the R&D team which turns the ideas into actual implementation to improve the future releases of Tizen. Before joining Samsung he was part of the research team in Institute of Fundamental Technological Research of Polish Academy of Sciences.



Samsung Electronics, India
session :Connecting with Tizen: An Overview & Roadmap

Mohan Rao brings 22+ years' of experience in leading Mobile Protocols & Platform Team at Samsung, Bangalore. His R&D team is responsible for bringing Tizen into a market of futuristic devices. Apart from leading the talent pool of Tizen, Mohan serves as a technical communication point for stakeholders including Operators, Senior Management and Suppliers.


MyungKoo Kang

Samsung Electronics
session :ARTIK : the Ultimate Platform Solution for IoT

MyungKoo Kang is the Vice President of Engineering at Samsung Strategy & Innovation Center (SSIC) where he is responsible for the development of ARTIKTM, Samsung's IoT platform. Prior to this role, Dr. Kang was working with Samsung Display where he led teams developing cutting-edge display technologies and managing relationships with mobile customers globally. He is a frequent speaker at several domestic and international conferences and lecturer at international forums and local events.


Ningxin Hu

session :Crosswalk: Build World Class Hybrid Mobile Apps

Ningxin Hu is a software engineer, working at Intel in Shanghai, specialized in web technology. Ningxin helps close the gaps between web and native apps focusing on bringing new device capability to web platform and accelerating JavaScript execution by parallelism hardware. Ningxin worked on web browser and runtime projects for various OSes including Moblin, MeeGo, Tizen, Windows and Android. Today, Ningxin mostly contributes to Blink and Chromium as well as a newly launched project named Crosswalk, a web-based application runtime targeting Android, Tizen, and other platforms. On the web standardization side, Ningxin is participating in the W3C Device APIs working group.


Nishant Deshpande

Samsung Electronics
session :Extending Tizen Native Framework with Node.js

Nishant is a Senior Engineer at Samsung Electronics. Currently he and his team are exploring ways to extend Tizen Native framework to a larger audience, using JavaScript. Nishant managed Tizen’s C++ based native framework and has also contributed to Samsung's bada platform extensively. Prior to that, he worked on short range communication technologies like Bluetooth, NFC and FeliCa and took them from concept stage to product realization in many Samsung products.



O-Hoon Kwon

Samsung Electronics
session : Tizen Service Enabling Frameworks : Common Features & Examples for Service Scenario

'Dr. Ohoon Kwon is the Service Domain Architect of Tizen Platform at Samsung Electronics, leading the development of Common Features for Service Application Developers. Especially, he is currently in charge of Context Framework, Location Framework, Account Framework, Input Framework and Voice Framework for Single-Device Applications, and he is in the middle of developing Easy Setup & Quick Connect Framework for Cross-Device Applications. He earned his Ph.D degree from POSTECH in Korea. Prior to joining Tizen Platform Development Team in last year, he had spent about 7-8 years to lead the projects for Differentiated Services and Service Platform of Samsung Smart TV and Smart Phone.

Qingli Wang

Samsung Electronics, China
session : Breakthrough Games with Tizen

Wang Qingli is from SRC-Nanjing, working for graphics in Tizen development team. Wang Qingli is porting and  maintaining the game engines, such as Cocos2d-x, Dali and Unity3d, supporting some app development. And also developing Chart framework based on Cario.


Qingqiu Li

Samsung Electronics, China
session : Easily Port Web Apps to Tizen & Develop with Tizen Device APIs

Qingqiu is an expert developer of Mobile & Wearable Domain, have been worked with Mobile & Wearable relation profile for many years. Qingqiu is focusing on Tizen Web & Native development, and provide technology support for partner company engineers.
Prior to joining Samsung, Qingqiu has 8 years software development experience in large technology companies.


Ravi Sankar Guntur

Samsung Electronics, India
session :Under the hood: Performance Tuning with Tizen

Ravi Sankar Guntur, Principal Engineer, Samsung R&D Institute, Bangalore Ravi started off his programming career with Linux/Tizen. He was associated with Tizen since its beginnings. he currently leads a team which focuses on improving Tizen performance. He has 11 years of Programming experience and his areas of interest include system programming and optimization techniques. Ravi has participated in Embedded Linux conference in the past as well.


Scott Song

Samsung Electronics
session : Essentials of Tizen UX Design

Scott Song is senior UX designer in SW Center of Samsung electronics. He is currently working as Tizen UX design member of Samsung mobile & TV set. He has experience over 10 years in the Samsung design & related research project.


Shashwat Pradhan

session : Tizen apps with Context Awareness & Machine Learning

Shashwat Pradhan is a serial entrepreneur. In the past he has co-founded Decoding, Hack Planet and ReFocus Labs. Founded Emberify in July 2014, the award winning team behind Quantified Self platform- Instant. He also works with Max Secure Software- a Tizen Partner. He's been part of teams to develop over 50 apps on iOS, Android, BlackBerry & Tizen. Shashwat has won awards/honours from Google & Apple. He presented Contextual apps for Tizen at TDS 2014 in Shanghai: http://goo.gl/HpYjvd. Shashwat has also pitched and presented at various conference, also writes for the BlackBerry Devblog and the Emberify Blog.


Suyash Joshi

session :Developing and Designing Accessible applications for a international user growth

Suyash Joshi is a Senior Software Engineer at Oracle in the Silicon Valley area. He works on Enterprise Mobile framework. He is passionate about providing excellent User Experience specially for international users as well as those who need accessibility support. He enjoys sharing his knowledge and passion about developing on Tizen (wear and phone) and was a speaker previously at TDC Shanghai 2014.


Sooyun Yun

Samsung Electronics
session : Essentials of Tizen UX Design

Sooyun is a senior user experience designer at Samsung, working on visual language system for Tizen mobile and other Tizen products. 
Prior to Samsung, Sooyun worked on several different Windows 8 native apps for mobile, tablet and PC. Sooyun has an experience working on media tables for exhibition design as well. Originally came from graphic design background, Sooyun enjoys beginning with pencil drawings when she starts from scratch for a new project.


Tom Hacohen

Samsung Electronics, UK
session : Application GUI Design - Notes From a Tizen Toolkit Developer

Tom has been using Linux since 2003. Previously a core developer and part of the leading team at SHR (Openmoko), he is currently a core developer for the EFL (www.enlightenment.org). He has also contributed to many other Open Source projects over the years. In 2010 he started working at Samsung's open source group on Tizen Linux platform. Tom has presented at FOSDEM, LinuxCon EU, ELCE, SOSCON, and other smaller conferences.


Vishal Bisht

Marksman Technologies Pvt Ltd 
session : Developing Apps on Tizen: UI / UX Stratgies

Vishal Bisht , Serial  Entrepreneur having more then 16-Year Industry Experiences in Custom Application Development , Product Development and IT Consulting. Vishal has been involved various Application Development in (ERP for SME’s) and work various vertical like Investment Banking, Event Management, Educational Institutions and the Government Agencies across the world. As an Entrepreneur Vishal now focused the e-Learning and e-Commerce vertical and past few years he is very closely involved in development of various e-Learning and e-Commerce Products and Applications (Solutions).


Wanhao Xu

session : TIZEN on M200 : Improved Battery Life

Product Director for Beijing Ingenic, with over 12 years work experience in the Semiconductor industry. In charge of product planning especially focusing on wearables and home automation.


Wei Wang

Samsung Electronics, China
session : Introduction to Samsung KNOX Tizen

Wang Wei is Senior Technical Solution Manager leading a team of technical experts focusing on mobile security solutions. Wang Wei works with Samsung B2B developers and R&D team to provide innovative and reliable mobile application. Wang Wei has 13 years’ experience in R&D and technical center at Samsung and Motorola. He holds Master Degree of Telecommunication from Seoul University and Bachelor Degree of Electrical Engineering from Tsinghua University.


Xunmin Chen

Samsung Electronics, China
session : Tizen TV: Extended Streaming Service

Xunmin Chen, Developer Technology leader for Samsung Tizen TV multimedia player platform. He has more than 4 years developing experience for TV MultiMedia platform, and 3 years developing experience for Tizen platform. In the past, he played as a core member & led the development of Tizen HLS & Dash streaming engine. Now he is involving in performance optimization work for Tizen MM (OTT/IPTV).


Yang Yang

Samsung Electronics, China
session : CAPH: Tizen TV Web UI Framework

Yang Yang has been working for Samsung for more than five years on Web domain. He has dedicated himself to the innovative Web solution, and has considerable experience on TV Web application development and optimization. Prior to joining Samsung, Yang , as a full stack engineer, spent a few years working for Distributed System and Web Service technologies . He is currently leading Web UI Framework and Webkit teams for Tizen.


Yong Jin Cho

Samsung Electronics
session :Tizen Micro profile for low-end IoT device

Yong Jin, Cho(趙庸鎭) is Chief Software Architect for Samsung Software Center. He has a lot experienced in developing software platforms for embedded systems, specially TV. Now, he is in charge of Tizen IoT and developing Tizen profile for home appliances such as refrigerator, air-conditioner, washing machine, vacuum cleaner and so on. It will make Tizen OS of Everything in IoT.


YeongKyoon Lee

session : Tizen SDK Annual Report – Key Improvements

Yeongkyoon Lee has been working on Tizen SDK in S-Core for five years. He leaded to develop both bada and Tizen SDK emulators, and then has been playing an architect role in overall Tizen SDK so far. He is interested in SDK, DevOps, and ALM (Application Lifecycle Management). Prior to joining Tizen, he had experiences in developing operating system and virtual machine.


Yoonsu Kim

Samsung Electronics
session : A Synergetic Approach with Multiple Tizen Devices

Yoonsu is UX Designer at Samsung Corporate Design Center. With background in editorial design and experience in Samsung UX center, he works on user interface design; from building concepts to nitpicking aesthesis in final design. He has been working on Tizen related projects for 3 years, including Tizen TV Reference UX.