Tizen community is made up of all of the people who collectively work on or with Tizen:

  • Product contributors: kernel/distribution developers, release managers, quality assurance, localization, etc.
  • Application developers: people who write applications to run on top of Tizen
  • Users: people who run Tizen on their device and provide feedback
  • Vendors: companies who create products based on Tizen
  • Other contributors: promotion, documentation, and much more

Anyone can contribute by:

Membership in most project teams (Release Engineering, QA, Program Management, etc.) is invite-only and will mainly be open to people at companies who are building products based on Tizen. However, Community Office, Localization, and some Middleware development teams will be open to participation on a merit basis.

Participate in the community:

Before participating in Tizen community, we suggest that you review our Community Guidelines documents.