Community Guidelines

We want to keep Tizen Community a great place to participate, but we need your help to keep it that way. While we have specific guidelines for various tools (see links below), in general, you should:

Be nice

  • Be courteous and polite to fellow community members
  • Respect other people: no regional, racial, gender or other abuse will be tolerated

Keep it clean

  • Keep the language clean (no swearing)

Keep it legal

  • Make sure that you have the legal right to post your content and are not violating copyright or other laws.
  • All participation and these guidelines are automatically subject to the Terms of Service.

Stay on topic

  • Do not post to the wrong channel or post off-topic discussions.
  • Visit the community page to find the right place to post your question or discussion.

Specific Guidelines

We also have some guidelines that are specific to using certain tools or for some community activities:

Guideline Violations - 3 Strikes Method

The point of this section is not to find opportunities to punish people, but we do need a fair way to deal with people who are making our community an unpleasant place.

  • First occurrence: Public reminder that the behavior is inappropriate according to our guidelines.
  • Second occurrence: Private message warning the user that any additional violations will result in removal from the community.
  • Third occurrence: Depending on the violation, may include account deletion or banning.


  • Obvious spammers are banned on first occurrence. This is necessary to keep the community free of spam.
  • Violations are forgiven after 6 months of good behavior.
  • Minor formatting / style infractions will be dealt with through education, not the 3 strikes process.
  • Extreme violations of a threatening, abusive, destructive or illegal nature will be addressed immediately and are not subject to 3 strikes.
  • Contact Thiago Macieira to report abuse or appeal violations (mistakes happen & will be corrected).