How to Report Bugs

Visit our Bug Tracker page to learn more about Tizen Bug Tracker, which is based on JIRA.

Reporting an Issue

1. Getting Started

Go to and log in with your Tizen account. If you do not have a Tizen username, please go to and register for an account.

All of our community infrastructure, including the bug tracker, is subject to our community guidelines. Please review the community guidelines and the bug tracker guidelines before contributing to make sure that you understand the expectations and consequences of violating our guidelines.

2. Search First

Always search Tizen-Forum first, to see if your issue has already been reported. 

3. Create an Issue 

  • Click New Topic at the top right of the screen to choose Forums.

4. Add as Many Details as Possible

Fill in detailed information of your issue in Enter the details of the issue screen.

Fill in the fields displayed in your issue reporting page with proper information, and click Save button at the bottom of the Enter the details of the issue screen. Congratulations, you are done reporting your bug!