Bug Guidelines

All of our community infrastructure, including the bug tracker, is subject to our community guidelines. Please review the community guidelines before contributing to make sure that you understand the expectations and consequences of violating our guidelines.

Here are a few guidelines that apply specifically to our bug tracker:

  • Each bug report is for only one issue. If you find several issues, please separate them into several reports.
  • Do a search before you file a bug, and try to avoid filing duplicates by taking a look whether your issue has already been filed before.
  • DO NOT reopen a bug if the same issue is found but its status is CLOSED. Instead, create a new bug report for that issue.
  • Don't start endless debates on topics not directly related to the scope of a specific bug report. We have other places for longer discussions.
  • Avoid quoting complete previous comments by stripping unneeded lines.
  • Avoid answering above the quoted text.
  • Please double check to make sure that the information you are including is public (not confidential), especially in attached log files or screenshots. 
  • Refer to our How to Report Bugs for more detailed instructions.