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Bringing Android Apps to Tizen

Enable your Android apps on Tizen platform with OpenMobile Application Compatibility Layer™ (ACL™). With our ACL technology, your Android apps can run seamlessly alongside native Tizen and web apps on any Tizen platform. Getting started is easy, as ACL allows unmodified Android apps to execute on the millions of Tizen devices expected to ship in 2014. Don’t miss out – enable your Android apps for Tizen ecosystem now! Tizen is growing and now is the time to embrace the open nature of the platform.

Converting your code from VConf to Buxton

In this working session we will present Tizen 3.0 implementationof Buxton - a new key/value storage solution that enforces fine-grained MAC access control through Smack.

We define the standard Tizen Domain model and apply it consistently to applications and components that are storing configuration data on the target system. We explain the terminology that Buxton uses and how the design influences the choices that developers will make.

Using Tizen in Student Projects - Initial Experiences

The focus of this presentation is on the initial experiences with the development of Tizen applications as team projects in the CSC 484 "User-Centered Design and Development" course at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo. Several teams of about five students worked for close to ten weeks on applications utilizing HTML5 and CSS as their primary implementation languages. Two teams developed games, one an ephemeral instant messaging app, and another one a hybrid voice and text note-taking app.

Customizing Your Tizen Image Freely by Using MIC

Many developers would like to try a Tizen image for a variety of verticals, and even for one vertical, developers may encounter various hardware problems. If they don’t have expertise in this area, it can be difficult to be successful. MIC can help them customize their Tizen image easily, efficiently and freely. In this presentation, we'll show you how to include your own packages in your customized Tizen image, and how to configure Tizen images as you wish. Moreover, we will introduce an "installer framework plugin.

Tizen Platform SDK: The Easy Way to Develop Tizen Platform

Tizen Platform SDK is an effective tool to speed up development of each Tizen platform module. It provides platform developers an IDE, where developers can easily and quickly interact with source code/package management system, build, test, and debug their platform modules. In this talk, we will introduce Tizen platform IDE and show a easy and quick method to develop platform module by exploiting it.

Cooperating with upstream projects / Packaging tips and tricks

This talk will give an overview of how to enhance cooperation
with upstream projects and track patches.

Among the covered topics:

- What is packaging? recap of gbs, git, rpm,
- Workflows and cooperation matters, using sandboxes
- Track our bugs / track our changes,
- Benefits of basing on upstream's git tags and not released tarballs,
- Forwarding and tracking patches (using Debian dep3 tags),
- How to deal with git external modules
- Brotherhood and shared packages among other projects.

Porting Tizen to open-source hardware devices for beginners

In this presentation you will learn to create budget Tizen devices such as laptops and tablets using open-source hardware components and popular ARM SoC’s like OLinuXino and Cubieboard.
The process of building Linux kernel, Tizen packages and the creation of bootable Tizen images for ARM devices will be revealed step-by-step by Leon Anavi. The current state of the open source and community-driven project Tizen Sunxi for porting Tizen to the Sunxi family of ARM devices will be also discussed.