Converting your code from VConf to Buxton

In this working session we will present Tizen 3.0 implementationof Buxton - a new key/value storage solution that enforces fine-grained MAC access control through Smack.

We define the standard Tizen Domain model and apply it consistently to applications and components that are storing configuration data on the target system. We explain the terminology that Buxton uses and how the design influences the choices that developers will make.

We will hands-on convert a Tizen System Service or System Application from VConf to Buxton in the session, and step through code examples, API references and documentation in the process.

At the end, we will have witnessed a complete conversion from VConf to Buxton, and the attendees will be able to understand the impact, work required and details of this transformation.

Auke Kok, Intel
Continental 1-3
Scheduled Time: 
Tuesday, 3 June 2014 - 3:00pm to 3:40pm