Tizen Convergence Service on CloudBox

Recently, mobile users connect to the Internet over 3G and 4G networks that the network performance of mobile device is more improved. Therefore, the user uploads or downloads the content files to the cloud storages after creating the content files (music, video, image, document, and etc.) of the high quality with the mobile device. And then the total size of files which the user holds is increasing continuously and the file is being distributed for mobile device and cloud storages. When the user or application accesses to the distributed file, it can access file with the application of cloud storages. Moreover, the service of cloud storage offers to synchronize the cloud file in the mobile device. But this causes the waste of the storage capacity of the restrictive mobile device and network traffic by the unnecessary overwritten. In this paper, mobile device can utilize the remote cloud file like the local file. It provides one virtual storage space without the overwritten.
We first analyze the trend of API and protocol of cloud storage. This is applied to the file system of the virtual storage on mobile device. This file system is useful in the compatibility of the existing application and the expandability of cloud storage.
As a showcase we present the design, implementation and evaluation of the file system (SingleFS) for device-cloud virtual storage in Tizen platform. SingleFS can perform the HTML5 application and native application without modification and can add the new cloud storage easily. We show that SingleFS improve the average 47% of the write throughput than the native file system (ext4) and is similar to the read throughput of ext4.

Yongjin Kim, Samsung
Imperial B
Scheduled Time: 
Wednesday, 4 June 2014 - 11:25am to 12:05pm