Introduction to Tizen SDK

A Tizen application is based on the standard web technology such as JavaScript, CSS, HTML5, and W3C widget packaging. With the support of rich Tizen Device API and Web UI framework, developers can create variety of applications which run in multiple devices. So, traditional web developers can leverage their knowledge in developing Tizen applications which utilize native device features. The Tizen SDK is a comprehensive set of tools for developing Tizen applications. It consists of IDE, emulator, installer, toolchain, sample code, documentation, and so on. With the Tizen SDK, a developer can easily develop Tizen web application during the whole development cycle from installation to publishing. The Tizen SDK provides the same web development experience such as previewing in browser and debugging based on a web inspector. The Tizen SDK provides rich templates for web application, powerful JavaScript and CSS syntax checker, and tiny HTML WYSIWYG builder as well improving programming productivity. A developer can test his web application on the high performance emulator or web simulator on his host PC such as Windows and Linux. In this talk, we give some tutorials on developing Tizen applications using the Tizen SDK.

Hyungoo Kang, S-Core

Hyungoo Kang, a Principal Engineer, is the leader of Tizen SDK team in S-Core. He received Ph.D. degree on his programming language research in Computer Science from Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST). He led a compiler team in TmaxCore for several years. Recently, he has been leading a Tizen SDK development to provide a competitive and productive SDK.