Samsung continues to improve Tizen open source code quality

From the early stages of Tizen, we have been working hard to continually enhance this open source, standards-based software platform.

Today we are using static code analysis tools to automatically discover checkpoints and help developers to investigate the quality of patched codes in a timely manner. To reinforce code analysis, we have consistently added new coding rules and potential defect checkers in our tools while the patched codes were reviewed by subject matter experts, including maintainers. In addition, our continuous integration system automatically triggers the static code analysis tools as soon as each code is committed. Moreover, we have intensively monitored open source codes and regularly patched them to enhance Tizen since the early stage of its development.

With support from Tizen developers’ community, we plan to further expand the capabilities of our analysis tools to examine codes more thoroughly while we continue to proactively propose activities and share progress across the community. We look forward to your continued active participation.