Tizen SDK Makes a New Beginning as Tizen Studio

On September 1, 2016, Tizen SDK makes a new beginning as Tizen Studio 1.0.

Now you can select the necessary platform and profiles, and experience a fast and stable development environment and new UX and UI by installing Tizen Studio.

Applications for the newly released Gear S3 can be developed with Tizen Studio 1.0.

The existing Tizen SDK was released in accordance with Tizen platform version. Since there was 1 SDK program for each platform, you had to install several SDK programs to develop for several platforms. It was difficult to maintain and manage the related updates as well.

Accordingly, since Tizen 2.4 SDK, there has been an attempt to integrate the whole. Starting from Tizen Studio 1.0, you can select and install the necessary platforms and profiles with a one-time installation. In addition, Tizen Studio has been made stable and lightweight through a platform version-up, and its usability has been improved through the overall improvement of UX and UI.

From now on, version control is used separately for Tizen platform and Tizen SDK, starting from the version 1.0 for the new Tizen SDK: Tizen Studio.

Tizen Studio can be installed by downloading from Tizen Developer site (developer.tizen.org).


Improved Development Environment in Tizen Studio 1.0

  1. Launching tools: Installer, Uninstaller, and Package Manager
  2. Developing tools: IDE perspective theme, Project Wizard, Certificate Manager, and Menu and tool icons
  3. UI tools: UI Builder, Component Designer, and EDC Editor
  4. Testing tools: Emulator
  5. Testing tools: Dynamic Analyzer
  6. Other improvements in Tizen application development environment


Download link: https://developer.tizen.org/development/tizen-studio/download

Learn more: https://news.samsung.com/global/tizen-sdk-makes-a-new-beginning-as-tizen-studio