Tizen Studio 2.2 and Visual Studio Tools for Tizen 1.2 Release

We are excited to announce the release of Tizen Studio 2.2 and Visual Studio Tools for Tizen 1.2.

This release introduces support for Tizen .NET TV and IoT certificate.

Develop .NET TV application for Samsung Smart TV

Samsung has now released Tizen .NET TV APIs using which app developers can develop .NET apps for Samsung Smart TVs. To develop applications for TV, you must install the TV Extension available on Tizen Studio 2.2. The TV Extension includes the TV emulator, which allows you to test your Tizen .NET TV applications. To learn more, see Setting up the development environment.

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IoT Certification for SmartThings™

This release supports Certificate Signing Request (CSR) generation required for IoT certificate.

Using the Certificate Manager in Tizen Studio 2.2, you can now generate a CSR automatically. Using the CSR you can download the cloud certificates, which is required to access the SmartThings cloud. In future, Certificate Manager shall also include support to generate cloud certificates automatically.