RealVNC Viewer 

RealVNC* was founded in 2002 by the original developers of Virtual Network Computing (VNC*) to promote, enhance and commercialize VNC.

With over a billion copies, VNC is a de facto standard for remote control. VNC has been used widely in hundreds of different products and applications, from helpdesks to virtualization. VNC is available on a variety of desktop, mobile and embedded platforms and is the most widely ported application software. It is an official part of the internet, RFC 6143.

RealVNC is the only organization offering commercial licenses to embed remote control and access capability into third-party products and services. RealVNC's OEM customers range from Intel to IBM, with applications for both software and hardware products.

The VNC Automotive Solution is an OEM package for use by organizations developing and enhancing their products and services, by including VNC remote control fully compliant with the MirrorLink* specifications and monitoring capabilities for automotive use.  It is packaged as a Software Development Kit (SDK) including access to APIs, libraries, runtime VNC Server and VNC Viewer components.

Find more information about the RealVNC viewer here.