Wiki Guidelines

Please review our Community Guidelines document for additional guidelines and consequences associated with violating any of our guidelines.

Some guidelines specific to the Wiki:

  • Search first: Before creating a new page or making significant contributions to a page, do a quick search to make sure you aren't duplicating existing content on the wiki or other areas of
  • Contribute: The wiki is a resource for anyone to use. Just keep the content relevant, that is anything related to the project should be appropriate, as long as it meets our other guidelines.
  • Make improvements: If you find a typo or inaccurate information, just fix it.
  • Keep it legal: respect licenses and copyright. Only post content you own or provide attribution for content under a license that permits reuse. As always, our entire Terms of Service also apply to the wiki.
  • Be nice: Keep the language clean (no swearing) and show respect for other contributors.
  • Respect links: Provide redirects when you move content. Many people use the wiki and may have created bookmarks or linked to your content.
  • Editing and Style: Review our specific style guidelines before contributing to the wiki. 

The Wiki is Public

Everything in the wiki is public.

Every edit and every new page created goes into the recent changes feed, which means that people will see your edits, even if you haven't yet linked to a page.

Once it's out there, it's public.

  • Technically, administrators can delete things, but the wiki content may be mirrored, has feeds, and is in the Google cache, so deleting something doesn't make it go away.
  • When you delete content from a page, the original content will remain in the history for that page.