Cooperating with upstream projects / Packaging tips and tricks

This talk will give an overview of how to enhance cooperation
with upstream projects and track patches.

Among the covered topics:

- What is packaging? recap of gbs, git, rpm,
- Workflows and cooperation matters, using sandboxes
- Track our bugs / track our changes,
- Benefits of basing on upstream's git tags and not released tarballs,
- Forwarding and tracking patches (using Debian dep3 tags),
- How to deal with git external modules
- Brotherhood and shared packages among other projects.

Special Tizen packaging rules will be also covered:

- Multiconfiguration packaging, e.g., various graphics configuration (Wayland+x11),
- Systemd macros
- Common mistakes to avoid

Philippe "RzR" Coval, EUROGICIEL
Continental 1-3
Scheduled Time: 
Tuesday, 3 June 2014 - 12:15pm to 12:55pm