ZENRIN* DataCom Navigation Engine

ZENRIN* DataCom, a member of the Zenrin Group, is a leading provider of maps, navigation and other location-based solutions in Japan. Headquartered in Tokyo, ZENRIN DataCom offers software and services to consumers, corporations and governmental institutions.

Established in April 2000, ZENRIN DataCom began its business offering services only in Japan, utilizing map data provided by its parent company Zenrin, well known as a provider of one of the world’s most detailed maps. Recently, ZENRIN DataCom has been expanding its business globally through a combination of its own-branded services “It’s Nav”, providing white label mobile navigation services to carriers and automotive OEM by leveraging technology and know-how in car, pedestrian, transit and bicycle based navigation cultivated in Japan. ZENRIN DataCom now offers a variety of navigation and multi-modal solutions (both pedestrian and automobile) in Japan, Taiwan and China, as well as throughout Southeast Asia, Oceania and the Middle East, and is currently working diligently to further expand its services throughout the globe. To learn more about ZENRIN DataCom please click here