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Samsung Meets Mobile Game Developers in India at Pocket Gamer Connects 2016

Samsung game developers met at the Bangalore, India edition of the Pocket Gamer Connects 2016 conference, which was held April 21 to 22. About 2,000 developers discussed the latest trends in gaming and the prospects for their future at the conference, the world’s largest series of mobile gaming events. 

Samsung Committed to Bringing React Native to Tizen

Facebook announced React Native at F8 conference which took place from April 12 to 13 and also mentioned Samsung is committed to bringing React native to Tizen. React Native is an open source project which is the cross-platform app framework that help developers to build native app using javascript. Until now, Facebook supported developers to use React Native in order to build app much easier. Samsung have also developed React Native framework to allow developers to port the Facebook app to a Tizen device.  

Tizen at Unite Seoul 2016

“The consumer choice will grow when Tizen ecosystem expands” 

The game developer conference ‘Unite’ is hosted by the popular global software game company ‘Unity’ and took place from April 7 to 8 in Seoul, Korea. Unity is the world’s favorite game engine for creating mobile games and is the tool that will allow developers to quickly achieve stunning results

Tizen 2.3.1 Source Code Release

BY Technical Steering Group, 22 Sep 2015

We are pleased to announce that Tizen 2.3.1 source code is now available including support for the circular type wearable profile. Developers and manufactures may utilize Tizen to their wearable devices based on this source code.


Highlights of this release include, among other improvements:

Tizen 3.0 Milestones Source Code Release

We are pleased to announce Tizen 3.0 first milestone release for TV and Mobile profiles.

This milestone provides developers with Tizen kernel, device drivers, middleware subsystems, and Web/Native APIs, necessary to develop future Tizen compliant solutions and marks feature completion for the key features of Tizen 3.0 TV and Mobile profiles.


Key features integrated in this milestone include: