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HTML5 and Tizen at Orange Partner Days

Learn more about HTML5, Tizen, and much more at Orange Partner Days in Paris on June 11 and 12. Monday, June 11: HTML5 and Tizen For Tizen developers, Monday afternoon is focused on HTML5, with a team of experts from Orange, Intel, Samsung, and others. Learn about:

  • real developer experiences from working with HTML5
  • distribution opportunities for HTML5 apps
  • how HTML5 is supported – from devices to browsers

Announcing Tizen Developer Contest by Intel

We want to hear your advice, product feedback, and experiences on writing apps for Tizen devices and build the knowledge base of members. Post a comment to this blog related to application development for Tizen devices. To be eligible for prizes, your comment must be at least 100 words long (that’s only about the length of this section), and include one of the following:

  • A testimonial on experience developing a Tizen app
  • Recommendations and/or product improvements for future releases of Tizen and/or product improvements
Commenting has been disabled

Tizen 1.0 Larkspur SDK and Source Code Release

Today we are excited to announce Tizen 1.0 Larkspur, including the addition of new complimentary components, as well as source code that focuses on enhancing stability and performance. We believe that these updates and new offerings improve the experience for developers. We are also continuing to work on improvements and additions, and we will be doing frequent updates to the SDK and source code. There are a few additional components that we plan to add in the coming weeks, and we will continue to fix bugs and add additional features.

We encourage you to download the new SDK and let us know what you think! You can learn more about where to ask questions or submit bugs by visiting our community page.

This release provides new features and other improvements, including the following updates to the SDK:

  • Simulator: A new browser-based tool that supports Tizen APIs and allows you to run and debug your web applications, and simulate running applications with various device profiles.
  • IDE: Enhancements include more flexibility around templates and debugging tools.
  • Emulator: Significantly improved emulator performance through Intel's Hardware Acceleration Manager for Windows and OpenGL acceleration for Linux.

Updates to the platform source code include:

  • Web: Support for additional features of W3C/HTML5 specification
  • Location: Support for POI (Point of Interest) and route search
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi Direct key features added

This is just a summary of the many changes, but you can see the full list by visiting the release notes pages for the SDK and the source code.

We have also made a number of improvements to the community infrastructure. We have also added a bug tracker and wiki for the community. There are also a number of back-end changes, designed to improve stability and scalability of the infrastructure. We hope you enjoy all of these new improvements for Tizen project.

Tizen Technical Steering Group


Tizen Conference CFP has been extended!

We have received over 50 proposals for Tizen Conference, but we would like a few more, so we're extending the deadline for another week to give you a little more time to submit your proposal.

We're looking for additional sessions in all areas: application development and deployment, device and product development, platform development, and Tizen project, process, and progress.

Please see the CFP for more details.

The new deadline for proposals is March 15, 11:59 PST.

Tizen SDK Beta and Source Code Updates

Today, we are happy to announce that Tizen beta source code and SDK are available. We encourage developers to start working with these new features and functionality to provide feedback that can be used to improve Tizen during the final stages of its development. You can visit the community page to learn more about participating.

Compared with the earlier code preview, the beta has additional features, tools, and other improvements, including:

Please keep in mind that, like the earlier version, this is a preview and not yet designed for use to create production applications. Further enhancements and improvements to Tizen and its development environment will continue as we work towards a final release, targeted for the second quarter of 2012.

We look forward to getting feedback and making additional enhancements to Tizen over the coming months.

Tizen Technical Steering Group


Call for papers and registration are now open for Tizen conference in May

We're looking forward to seeing you at Tizen conference on May 7-9, 2012, at the Hyatt Regency in San Francisco. We are encouraging Tizen developers, app developers, platform designers, operators, OEMs, hardware vendors, software vendors, open-source enthusiasts, and anyone engaged in Tizen to contribute and participate in the call for papers (CFP). We are inviting proposals for presentations in a wide variety of areas:

  • Application development and deployment
  • Device/Product development
  • Platform development
  • Tizen project, process, and progress
  • We welcome submissions on any other Tizen related topics. Be creative. The program committee will look at each submission to create a vibrant and interesting conference.

Learn more about the requirements and other details, by visiting the call for papers page. You can register for the conference now or you can wait until March 12th, when sessions will be announced, to find out if your proposal has been accepted. Timeline for CFP and conference information:  

February 16 Conference CFP and registration open
February 20-27 Keynote Announcements
March 8 (23:59 PST) CFP Deadline
March 12 Session proposals accepted and session submitters notified
March 26 Session schedule posted on conference site

We have many exciting things going on at this first conference, including:

  • Tech showcase
  • 24hr hacker lounge
  • 5k fun run
  • Offsite events

Please see more on the conference page and stay tuned for conference sponsorship information. Contact Brian Warner to learn more. It will be an exciting conference. You will not want to miss it!

An Early Look at Tizen

Today we are posting a set of pre-release tools to give application developers an early look at Tizen. These tools, together with their corresponding documentation and source code, will provide developers with information required to become familiar with Tizen development.

Please keep in mind that this is a very early preview and is not yet designed for use to create production applications. Further enhancements and improvements to Tizen and its development environment will continue as we work towards a formal release over the coming months.

Specifically, we are posting the following:

This preview is intended for developers to review and provide feedback on Tizen, through the following channels:

We look forward to working with everyone on future enhancements to Tizen.

Tizen Technical Steering Group

Welcome to Tizen!

Today we are happy to welcome you to Tizen, a new open source project that is the home of Tizen software platform, a mobile and device operating system based on Linux and other popular upstream projects. Tizen will support multiple device categories, such as smartphones, tablets, smart TVs, netbooks, and in-vehicle infotainment devices. The Linux Foundation will host the project, where Tizen development will be completely open and led by a technical steering team composed of Intel and Samsung.

Tizen application programming interfaces are based on HTML5 and other web standards, and we anticipate that the vast majority of Tizen application development will be based on these emerging standards. These APIs will cover various platform capabilities, such as messaging, multimedia, camera, network, and social media. For those who use native code in their applications, Tizen SDK will include a native development kit. We will open the entire Tizen software stack, from the core OS up through the core applications and polished user interfaces.

We expect the first release of Tizen and its SDK in the first quarter of 2012.

We will post additional details about this project in the coming weeks, including the code, developer documentation, and more. We look forward to working with all of you to make Tizen a success!