Tizen 5.0 Public M2 Source Release

We are pleased to announce the second milestone release of Tizen 5.0. Tizen 5.0 Public M2 release provides developers with Tizen kernel, device drivers, middleware subsystems, and Native/Web/TizenFX APIs.


Key highlights of this release are as follows:

  • Added Service Framework APIs which send and receive data for supporting specific engine(eg. bixby 2.0)
  • Support for glTF (GL Transmission Format) has been added for 3D watchface
  • The SW upgrade has been enhanced to apply more devices like headless device
  • Low Memory Management for headless devices has been enhanced
  • Apply CVE security patches throurgh several modules
  • The opensource wayland has been upgraded to the 1.15.0 version
  • rpc-port is added in the wearable profile
  • TIDL has been improved in terms of performance and stability
  • Add intelligent-network-monitoring APIs
  • Debugging tools have been enhanced to obtain stability and reliability quickly during development
    • Mini Coredump, Linux-based callstack symbol resolution tools, Thread-based self watchdog system
  • Lightweight Web Solution
    • WebView support for Bixby Capsule Viewer on TV has been added
    • WebView support for DALi (NUI) has been added
  • Tizen .NET Core version upgrade (Coreclr, Corefx)
  • Add Neural Network Runtime (Experimental Release)


Please refer to the release information for details.