Tizen IVI 3.0-M3-Oct2014 release

The IVI team is pleased to announce the release of Tizen IVI 3.0-M3-Oct2014 Release for In-Vehicle Infotainment.

With this release we deliver a much improved Modello UI experience. The OS is available in 32-bit and 64-bit versions, backed by a Long Term Support Initiative Linux kernel. The multi-user application framework supports single/all-user app deployment scenarios. Developing applications for Modello is easier than ever using Tizen IVI SDK with its support for vehicle webAPIs powered by Crosswalk. For lower level development Automotive Message Broker (AMB) contains CAN plugin generator tools and a JavaScript engine for rapid plugin prototyping. System resources are now handled by Murphy. MinnowBoard MAX runs this latest installment of Tizen IVI 3.0 M3 and offers customers an affordable entry-level SDP.

We are also excited to announce the availability of our new Tizen IVI project landing page hosted on Tizen.org. This landing page provides quick and easy access to everything you need to get started with Tizen IVI. If you would like to reach out you can find us on the Freenode.net IRC #automotive chat channel.

Note: The engineering name for this release in JIRA is M14.3 but its official name is Tizen IVI 3.0-M3-Oct2014