Tizen IVI 3.0 M3 June 2014 has been released

Tizen Steering Group is pleased to announce the third platform milestone of Tizen 3.0 IVI. This milestone marks the first release of IVI based on Tizen 3.0 Common code base.

Tizen IVI is an open platform designed specifically for the automotive market to accelerate open innovation, facilitate differentiation, benefit from mobile and consumer advances, enable common frameworks to lower the cost of software integration, and speed time to market of new services.

Tizen is supported by leading mobile operators, auto makers, device manufacturers, and silicon providers. It is easily portable across a broad range of device categories including in-vehicle infotainment (IVI) systems. Tizen IVI is an automotive version of Tizen which utilizes open source innovations from consumer and mobile segments and includes several components and frameworks specific to automotive applications.

Features integrated in this milestone include:

  • 64-bit support for both Intel and ARM architectures
  • Crosswalk-based web runtime
  • Modello Sample UI
  • Weston
  • Rygel LMS
  • GENIVI Layer Management
  • Systemd
  • Security: three-domain rule system for SMACK and Cynara as authorization framework
  • Wayland display server

To build this release, please refer to the All-In-One Instructions.

Pre-built images for this milestone can be downloaded here.
Please see the documentation page on flashing a device for information on installing this image. 

We welcome your comments and feedback on the wiki pages and directly by discussion with the developers on Tizen IVI mailing list.