First Tizen 3.0 Common milestone release

Tizen Steering Group is pleased to announce the first platform milestone of Tizen 3.0 Common.  As Tizen 2.0 did, Tizen 3.0 Common supports both IA and ARM architectures.  This milestone marks the feature completion for Tizen 3.0 Common. 

Tizen 3.0 Common is a common development / build / test platform for any upcoming features that may be needed by mobile, IVI, wearables, and other profiles. Its milestones will be released every quarter going forward. For more information, see

Features integrated in this milestone include:

  • 64-bit support for both Intel and ARM architectures
  • Crosswalk-based web runtime
  • Multiuser support
  • Systemd
  • Security: three-domain rule system for SMACK and Cynara as authorization framework
  • Wayland display server

To build this release, please refer to the developer guidePre-built images for this milestone can be downloaded from here. Please see the documentation page on flashing a device for information on installing this image. 

We welcome your comments and feedback on the wiki pages and directly by discussion with the developers on the tizen dev mailing list.