Samsung Developer Conference 2019

You can meet Tizen’s progress at Samsung Developer Conference(SDC) annually. You will not only see the development status and plan for the Tizen platform, but also get an exposure to the new features and updates of Tizen directly from the commercialized products and demonstrations.

This year was special with the release of Tizen 5.5. This led to introduction of the platform updates, improved development environments, plans for expansion of IoT products, related case studies, newly added framework for on device AI, and many more. Tizen noted that it continues to be a platform that leads to consumer demand and market changes. Thanks to each one of you for the support and encouragement for making Tizen@SDC2019 a great success! We look forward to working with you as Tizen continues to grow and spread in the marketplace.


Please see the following links to the presentation videos of the technical sessions conducted:

Discovery Service Onboarding Guide

What's New in Tizen? 5.5 Platform Update and Developer Environment

rlottie: A New Approach to Motion Graphics UI

TizenRT: A Reliable IoT Platform

Case Study: Using Tizen to Develop a Smart IoT Product Compatible with SmartThings

Porting the Tizen TV to the New Chipset

NNStreamer: Efficient and Agile On-Device AI Application Development with Neural-Net Pipelines

WebAssembly: Bring Your Native Code to Tizen TV