Tizen 2.2 Beta SDK Release

We are pleased to announce that Tizen 2.2 Beta SDK is now available.
As a minor release, Tizen 2.2 Beta contains several changes in UI and UX such as H/W key support.

Please visit the release notes and the API change notes for more detailed information.


Downloading SDK Install Manager
  http://download.tizen.org/sdk/InstallManager/tizen-sdk-2.2b/ ( CDN )

Downloading SDK Image
  http://download.tizen.org/sdk/sdk-images/2.2b/ ( CDN )

Getting binaries and images
  http://download.tizen.org/releases/2.2b/RD-PQ-REF/ ( CDN )

How to flash to a device


We look forward to getting feedback and making additional enhancements to Tizen.

Tizen Technical Steering Group