Tizen Developer Conference 2014


The 3rd annual Tizen Developer Conference is a technical conference for Tizen developers, App developers, ISVs, Platform designers, Operators, OEMs, Hardware vendors, Software vendors, Open source enthusiasts, and anyone engaged in Tizen.

Tizen development has been primarily focused on mobile and in-vehicle infotainment the past few years, at the developer conference last year we focused largely on building our ecosystem and application development around these platforms.

Tizen is expanding beyond Mobile and IVI into a plethora of new devices, join us at this year’s developer event to explore the new opportunities Tizen is creating in this new era of the Internet of Things.

This year's event will be held at the Hilton San Francisco Union Square from June 2-4.Visit our "Attendee Information" page for more information on the venue. 

What to expect

Never been to a Tizen Developer Conference? Wondering what to expect this year?

Tizen Developer Conference is all about developer enablement.From keynotes to sessions to developer labs, the goal is to transfer knowledge from the world's experts in Tizen to you.

The Keynotes:

At a high level, the keynotes help put Tizen into context within the industry.First, representatives from the Tizen Technical Steering Group will talk about the platform and future directions.You'll also hear from Mark Bryan of iControl, one of the leading home automation, putting Tizen into context within the Internet of Things.In addition, Professor Lam from Stanford University will discuss how compelling apps can be easily created for wearable technologies like the Gear 2.

The Sessions:

CFP, and are excited to share the conference schedule with you.We'll have a broad variety of topics for app and platform developers alike.At a high level:

  • Platform development, for those working on Tizen source code.
  • App development, with sessions on HTML5 and the native APIs.
  • Tutorials and community, which includes porting Tizen to new devices, how to use the SDK, how to create
  • Tizen system images, etc.
  • TV, for more info on the Tizen TV architecture and app development.
  • IVI, which covers In-Vehicle Infotainment.
  • Ecosystem, which includes porting from other platforms to Tizen.
  • Wearables, for those developing apps for wearable devices.
  • IoT, which covers Tizen for Internet of Things.

This is the single largest gathering of Tizen developers worldwide.It's a great place to expand your knowledge and refine your skills.

The Developer Lab:

What do you do with what you learned in the sessions? How about some hands-on implementation training?

Near the end of the conference we'll have a longer session dedicated to Tizen app developers.This will be a hands-on session where you will learn how the Tizen app development process works, from setting up the SDK to developing and deploying an app.


Fees & Schedule


Early Bird Registration (through March 31, 2014)


Registration Fee until the confernece (April 1- June 2)


Onsite Registration Fee (June 2-4)


Sponsors, Partners, Speakers, and Students*

*Students are required to show proof of status during badge pick up onsite. 

If you are a speaker or member of the media, you will need an access code to register.Please contact us at tdc14@linuxfoundation.org.