Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit 2012

Hotel Nikko · San Francisco, CA

The Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit is an exclusive, invitation-only summit, gathering core kernel developers, distribution maintainers, ISVs, end users, system vendors, and other community organizations for plenary sessions and workgroup meetings to meet face-to-face to tackle and solve the most pressing issues facing Linux today.

The Tizen Workgroup Agenda:

  • 9:00am - Intro to the Tizen Community and Architecture
  • 10:00am - HTML5, WebApp development & WebAPIs
  • 11:00am - Break
  • 11:30am - Introduction to Tizen SDK
  • 12:30pm - Lunch
  • 2:00pm - Tizen native display layer - EFL, Architecture & usage
  • 3:00pm - Introduction to Tizen Telephony
  • 4:00pm - Break
  • 4:30pm - Upcoming Technologies: Wayland and oFono

Presentations are attached below, and some of the videos are available on the Linux Foundation Collaboration Summit website.


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