Mailing Lists

Right now, we have a small number of mailing lists to discuss Tizen. We will create additional mailing lists as we need them when additional components of the project become available. In the meantime, you can post any questions to:

  • General: General questions about the project, the community, or events. If you don't know where to post your question, please start with this list.
  • Application-dev: Questions and feedback related to application development. It should be used by people doing development for applications that will run on top of Tizen using the Tizen SDK / APIs.
  • Dev: Development of the Tizen distribution itself. It is meant for anyone who wants to participate in development of the Tizen distribution and the Tizen profiles.
  • IVI: Discussions and questions about the In-Vehicle Infotainment (IVI) project for Tizen.

If you just want to receive announcements about the Tizen project, you can subscribe to:

  • Announce: This is a low volume list containing only announcements about the Tizen project. Only admins can post to this list, so any replies or attempted posts to this list will be discarded.

Please visit the mailing list page to subscribe to the mailing list.

We also ask you to read our mailing list guidelines before subscribing or posting to any Tizen mailing lists.