Tizen 4.0 M2 Source Code Release

We are pleased to announce Tizen 4.0 the 2nd milestone release.

This milestone provides developers with Tizen .NET, an application framework for Tizen based on .NET. Developers can use the C# programming language and the Common Language Infrastructure standards and benefit from a managed runtime for faster application development, and efficient, secure code execution.

Highlights of this release are as follows:

  • Tizen.NET
    • .NET Core 2.0 runtime / .NET Standard 2.0 API / Xamarin.Forms 2.4.0 SR1 / Tizen API version 4, including TizenFX / NUI 3D rendering APIs (Renderer, Geometry, Shader, Texture)
  • Web Framework
    • Enhancement UX feature for circular form factor device (circular scrollbar, circular video player)
    • Latest Web Standard feature enabling (WASM formal 0x1 Version, Media stream Recording)
  • Toolchain enhancement (Address Sanitizer / UndefinedBehavior Sanitizer / Leak Sanitizer)
  • Interaction enhancement (Voice control hybrid engine / floating keyboard type / smart reply in inputdelegator and IME)
  • Multimedia FW enhancement (faster audio response, HTTP LIVE STREAMING(HLS) support between devices with real-time fragmentation)


Please refer to the release notes for details.