Tizen 2.3 Rev2 SDK release

We are pleased to announce the availability of Tizen 2.3 Rev2 SDK and Tizen 2.3 source code.

Tizen 2.3 Rev2 SDK is now available via the SDK download page.

Highlights of this release include, among other improvements:

  • Native UI Builder
    • WYSIWYG Editor with support for multiple views (Properties, Navigation, Outline, Resources).
    • qHD(540X960) resolution support for Emulator, Web simulator, Native UI Builder, Web UI Builder.
  • Native IDE
    • Support for multiple projects (UI application, service application and shared library) in one package.

Please refer to the release notes for details.

This follows the Tizen 2.3 source code release announcement earlier this week.

Tizen Technical Steering Group