IRC log of #tizen for Tuesday, 2012-05-01

callumthe git repository is giving 403 response for me - are some servers moving around again?00:02
DawnFostercallum: We're doing some maintenance, but didn't realize anyone was taking the git servers down00:03
DawnFostercallum: I'm going to guess that they will be back up in 45-60 minutes?00:03
callumDawnFoster: it's not down but giving a Forbidden response00:04
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DawnFostercallum: yes, I know.00:09
DawnFostercallum: but down from the standpoint of no one can get to the content00:09
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callumDawnFoster: okay thanks, is there more source going up soon? the packages I was looking for didn't seem to be there before00:11
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DawnFostercallum: ok, try again now01:23
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DawnFostersome new code was just released. Details here:
rasterDawnFoster: moo01:24
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DawnFosterhey raster01:25
rasterunladenswallow would be better than larkspur01:29
pixelgeekraster - think flowers...01:30
rasterpixelgeek: ooh so not birds.01:31
rasterhow about rabidpetunia01:31
pixelgeekIt's tough to find anything that everyone (even the lawyers) agree on,.01:32
DawnFosterno comment :)01:32
rasterrabidpetunia has legal issues? :)01:33
pixelgeekI suspect they may have overlooked that one when compiling the list...  ;)01:35
pixelgeekHmmm...  I'm guessing I should uninstall the beta before installing the new SDK...01:36
rasterhow could anyone overlook rabidpetunias? i'm SHOCKED!01:37
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* pixelgeek switches proxy01:41
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pixelgeekOoh - new icons on the emulator - very smart.02:02
pixelgeekAnd a lot snappier with the hardware acceleration now.02:02
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pixelgeekWhile I'm glad that Norton is busy protecting my PC, I wish it wasn't quite so opposed to me running the Tizen SDK, just because not many people have run it yet...02:53
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callumthanks for the 1.0 release04:22
callumI don't see a git repository for nfc-manager - should the source for this be present?04:24
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* Stskeeps ponders idly where the source code for reference apps is06:04
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maxwwhen I try to run tizen_sdk.bin, I get a message about having to install rpm packages...I removed the previous version of the sdk because the tizen install manager kept the 'upgrade' option disabled :/06:47
maxwwhat am I doing wrong?06:48
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stefan_schmidt_wTizen 1.0 Larkspur, its there06:58
maxwbut can you install it? I just get an error about 'rpm'07:00
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stefan_schmidt_wand sbs files are online again:
stefan_schmidt_wmaxw: install what exactly?07:16
maxwthe new sdk07:16
maxwI download the (presumably) new tizen_sdk.bin and run it, but it just says something about needing 'rpm'07:17
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maxwI had the beta installed already, so I should already have the prereqs installed.07:17
stefan_schmidt_wmaxw: ah, no idea. I'm not going to toy with the IDS/SDK I'm going to toy with the platform.07:18
stefan_schmidt_wmaxw: Sorry can't help you there07:18
maxwk, thanks anyway - IDS?07:18
stefan_schmidt_wmaxw: But I would check the SDK release notes to make sure you also have all potential new deps07:18
stefan_schmidt_wmaxw: err, IDE07:18
maxwah ;)07:18
maxwI checked the installation instructions, but they seemed not to have changed - even had the same typos07:19
maxwchecked released notes too, briefly, but perhaps worth another look07:19
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stefan_schmidt_wmaxw: hmm07:20
stefan_schmidt_wmaxw: Only 64 bit here so I can't test it anyway.07:20
stefan_schmidt_wmaxw: what is the exact error? Maybe you just need to install the rpm utils?07:21
maxwwell, yeah...I have that problem too - I have been using virtualbox07:21
maxwjust a moment, I'll cut and paste07:21
maxw=== Preparing to install ===07:22
maxw If you want to install TIZEN-SDK, you must install "rpm" package(s).07:22
maxwstefan_schmidt_w: I guess I couldn't have misinterpreted that message, right?07:24
stefan_schmidt_wI would try out to install rpm on your machine07:25
stefan_schmidt_wmaxw: Maybe they switched to rpm packages being created from the SDK. Who knows?07:25
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maxwstefan_schmidt_w: well, I can't find any rpm utils package anyway...I'll just give up and wait until I get in front of my deskside machine, which is much more capable anyway07:32
maxwstefan_schmidt_w: thanks for your help07:32
stefan_schmidt_wmaxw: there is a package called rpm in ubuntu07:33
stefan_schmidt_wmaxw: I would think that will do the trick07:33
maxwok, one more try then :)07:34
maxwhee hee...seems to be doing something07:34
maxwlet me check to see if that is in the requirements list and if I missed it07:35
maxwstefan_schmidt_w: nope, not mentioned...good call :D07:35
maxwthe message actually made sense, I suppose - I was just confused by the name07:36
maxwnow for the looong download, which will probably fail anyway - I wish they just let us download using our own tools, but anyway07:37
stefan_schmidt_wmaxw: if it works please send a mail to the list to let others know07:37
maxwstefan_schmidt_w: ok07:37
stefan_schmidt_wAnd maybe someone will update the instruction page07:37
maxwwell, I would say it has worked already07:37
stefan_schmidt_wmaxw: then go ahead and let the world know! :P07:39
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maxwstefan_schmidt_w: ok, I sent some message07:50
stefan_schmidt_wmaxw: nice07:51
maxw1 hour 4 mins to go :/07:51
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Stskeepsa good question: is it encouraged to have working and tests-passing/api's working, tizen web runtime without the rest of the stack, on other types of OS'es?10:19
Stskeepsthink ubuntu, mer, etc10:20
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msvbYou keep talking about working, but...11:04
msvbDon't you know that it's labour day?11:04
msvbSo stop working now, go back to bed.11:04
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Stskeepsi don't have a job :P11:06
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msvbDo you have a bed?11:08
msvb…wow the jokes are just getting worse.11:08
msvbGlad to see that SDK 1.0 is out though, going to install it now.11:08
msvbSucky thing is that a chroot environment is still needed for X86-64 OSs.11:09
msvbAt least I think so, judging from the requirements doc.11:09
Stskeepssupporting a lot of targets is hard11:17
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stefan_schmidt_wmsvb: we have a wiki now so we can document if people figure out how to install it on 64bit *hint* :)11:38
Stskeepsin mer, we just threw in the towel and just made a handy platform sdk chroot11:39
stefan_schmidt_wStskeeps: agreed, but 32 vs 64 bit should be no big deal?11:39
Stskeepsno complaints so far11:39
stefan_schmidt_wWell, I will keep working with sbs anyway and that works fine for ARM on a 64 bit host11:39
stefan_schmidt_wat least the beta did11:39
stefan_schmidt_wStskeeps: about your question. I think it would be worth to point out that it works11:40
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Stskeepsi'm a bit wary given the old problems with Smeegol :)11:41
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stefan_schmidt_wStskeeps: fully understood. No idea how this will turn out with Tizen.12:50
stefan_schmidt_wStskeeps: Its all open to be figured out12:50
Stskeepsreal open source ;)12:51
stefan_schmidt_wStskeeps: Trademarks aside. Getting the tizen libs and stack running on core mer is just technical stuff12:51
stefan_schmidt_wStskeeps: nobody should get angry about it12:51
stefan_schmidt_wCalling it Mizen or TiMer might be more problematic :)12:52
stefan_schmidt_wFor all this stuff I would ask around12:52
Stskeepsyeah, i'm not intending on trademark infringement :)12:52
Stskeepsseems like tizen runtime is mostly free of trademarks too, which is good12:52
stefan_schmidt_wBut getting code running should be no problem and hopefully even supported12:52
stefan_schmidt_wI can tell you that from an EFL perspective we are more then willing to help. But I would expect stuff to be sorted out lower levels.12:53
Stskeepsbecause frankly, i wouldn't mind having a common html5 / runtime across many platforms, and i'm not even tied to any ui framework12:54
stefan_schmidt_wStskeeps: Sounds like you want to give Tizen 1.0 on Mer a try :)12:54
Stskeepsif i can find the time, there's more than enough work in the machine room..12:55
Stskeepsshould be easy though, considering tizen ivi and mer closeness12:55
stefan_schmidt_wStskeeps: yeah, shortage of work will never happen12:56
* lbt wondered where Stskeeps was slacking off to ...12:56
Stskeepslbt: garden, sunshine, 30 C..12:57
lbtwe're having a drought here12:57
lbtso it's pissing down :D12:57
Stskeepsstefan_schmidt_w: going to tizen conference, btw?12:57
stefan_schmidt_wStskeeps: no, sadly not.12:58
stefan_schmidt_wStskeeps: Maybe when there is one in europe12:58
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swehesHello people16:59
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sweheswhat type of hardware is needed to try Tizen out?17:00
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vgradeswehes, the 1.0 release or the IVI preview?17:09
swehesEither. Want to try it out. Mainly probably on a VM.17:10
*** seanvk has joined #tizen17:10
swehesHowever I'm curious on what type of CPU inftrastructure it supports17:10
swehesthat is17:11
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vgradethe 1.0 release I guess is only working on the SDK emulator in the open, the IVI porviews will run on Intel PC's, netbooks and Tablets like ExoPC, Intel IVI reference boards.  The previous non IVI release has been hacked to run on arm Snowball SoC but this is not supported17:13
vgradeie its a community effort17:14
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swehesHave a Samsung Vibrant that I wanted to try it out on. Want to move away from Android a little.17:17
swehesdo we know of any hardware phones/tablets that are coming out?17:18
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wmaronethere will be a device at the conference next week17:20
wmaronewhat it is remains to be seen17:20
swehesHeard something about a Samsung device I9500?17:26
wmaronesaw that too, apparently it's in the user agent17:28
wmaronetotally wouldn't be surprised at that17:28
swehesI would like to see Tizen to be able to compete with iOS, Android, and WinMo17:30
thomasgcompeting with win mobile? why not just compete with palmos? probably just as much old palms around as new wintendos17:31
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swehes_It will be interesting to see what comes out of the conference.17:42
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Stskeepsbut hey, congratulations to the Tizen crew on 1.0 :)18:57
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mnemocbut no support for 64b hosts :(19:04
Stskeepswe're in the 21st century, can't people use VM's or chroots?19:05
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ZaEarldoes tizen 1.0 build for arm target?19:13
gandhijee_hey, how can one add their own icons the to tizen IVI desktop19:13
StskeepsZaEarl: there is a ARM port, yes19:13
Stskeepsas far as i can tell19:13
ZaEarlguess it's time to fire up a new VM and get started19:14
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ZaEarlwhere is the source code?19:18
*** GeekShadow has joined #tizen19:19
ZaEarl just lists the release notes19:19
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