IRC log of #tizen for Tuesday, 2012-01-10

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rZrhi raster01:42
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rZrfinally its out congratz !01:42
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lovellrZr: what's out, the saurce?01:45
wmaroneraster: too soon?01:46
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Sachielcheer up man, now you have a link to point people at instead of writing a monologue each time01:50
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rasterits not that01:53
rasterjust look at everything gustavo, cedirc, zmike, demarchi etc. etc. say about the sdk.01:53
Sachielyes, I saw01:54
SachielI also saw a lot of people asking for a bugtracker and Dawn saying she lost that battle, so I guess you are not alone on that field01:54
Sachielnow it's time for the "I told you so"01:55
rasterthere is meant to be a bug tracker01:55
rZrraster: just to confirm is deb prefered over rpm , or the distro uses boths ?01:55
Sachielbut not now, as "it's not needed for an alpha preview"01:55
rasterwell i can't say i told u so until people complain in places i can point at01:55
rasterrZr: undecided01:56
rZrso let democracy decide :)01:56
rasterrZr: bwhahahahahhahahah01:57
wmaronelol, can't do that01:57
wmaronethat bikeshed will get so many coats of paint you won't be able to open it01:58
rasterrZr:  u assume there is even any way for there to be a vote or for there to be communication01:58
rasterbasically tizen as u see it *IS* SLP01:58
rasterthats why its deb01:58
rZrand is SLP UI the same as in bada ?01:59
rasteron a technical (code/packages/structure) level is has basically zero to do with meego01:59
rasterbada is its own monolithic c++ RTOS01:59
rZri know01:59
rZrbut the ui design looked to bada02:00
rZrie 4tabs02:00
wmaroneit looked samsung is what you mean02:00
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rZryes proabally older design02:00
rZrthey kept it02:00
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rZrwell i am gone now02:03
rZrsee ya02:03
rastertheres a totally separate ux team that decide on aeverything in the ui02:03
rasterlook  feel, layout, behavior02:03
rasterthey are not exclusive to tizen02:03
rasterso no surprise it looks/feels similar to other samsung stuff02:04
wmaronewell, I'd expect them to be exclusive to samsung rather02:04
wmaronebut it's a good reference02:04
rasterthey are samsung's own ux team02:06
rasternot some 3rd party02:06
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* sofar waves hello to raster02:15
rastersofar: hey!02:16
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gaveenGuess you have already seen the update:
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enginnerdDoes anyone know why SBS is not ready for arm?03:48
rasterultra conservativeness03:49
rasterhas some minor corner-case bugs to be worked out03:49
enginnerdis there any known timeline for when it will be ready?03:50
rasterwait and be patient03:53
enginnerdare these bugs present in the version of SBS that Samsung has been using? (that appears to have been working well)03:53
rasterwe have encountered bugs over time03:53
rasterand fixed several03:53
rasterthe guys doing the sbs part of the sdk dont feel that arm is ready03:54
rasterso they didnt release it yet03:54
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enginnerdok, fair enough03:54
rasterit will come when they are happy with it03:54
rasterand have got it together03:54
rasterthey are working at it03:54
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Stskeepsmorn raster06:09
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SchischuYeah started building tizen :-) Scratchbox looks good so far :-)08:26
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SchischuDoes anybody know which targets are supported? seems that he has ignored my wish to build vor armv7 and changed it to i86808:28
rasterx86 only atm08:29
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Schischuhm thats to bad, that means i have to dig up the old intel ivi reference board08:31
Stskeepsi wonder what compilation flags the i586 target has08:32
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slaineAt a guess, Tizen Web Perspective is Eclipse or something right ?08:39
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slaineAre there project templates for EFL apps or is the focus squarely on the web SDK at the moment ?08:41
slaineI'll try and get some time to look at this today or tomorrow08:42
rasterzero native dev support in sdk08:42
rasteru can try sbs08:42
TAsnwraster are you the official index?08:43
Stskeepsraster: +1 on platform sdk (sbs), btw08:43
rasterStskeeps: hey man08:44
rasterStskeeps: x86 only atm08:44
Stskeepsyeah, i know08:44
TAsnwraster, :)08:44
Stskeepsjust happy to see more people use sb208:44
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TAsnwStskeeps, did you ended up checking the diff against upstream sb2?08:46
StskeepsTAsnw: doing it right now08:46
TAsnwah ok, thanks.08:46
stefan_schmidthmm, its surprisingly calm on the tizen ml's08:46
TAsnwStskeeps, btw, what's your timezone?08:47
StskeepsTAsnw: warsaw, poland (GMT+1)08:47
TAsnwstefan_schmidt, they opened a couple more MLs that's maybe why.08:47
TAsnwStskeeps, ah, close. :)08:47
TAsnwstefan_schmidt, how about on the web? twitter?08:47
stefan_schmidtTAsnw: yeah, subscribed there as well08:47
Stskeepstwitter's more about the exciting new screenshots08:47
stefan_schmidtTAsnw: To new stuff for me. I can only handle my mutt well ;)08:47
Stskeepsthe twitterverse likes bling08:47
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TAsnwStskeeps, hehe, they are right to like it.08:48
TAsnwstefan_schmidt, I haven't yet. :)08:48
TAsnwwill do soon.08:48
TAsnwraster, the docs API needs some immediate theme love.08:49
rasterTAsnw: which docs api?08:49
rasterOH NOES!08:56
rastermore carstens08:56
* raster hides08:56
Stskeepsraster: yes, and you and i will be in same room in fosdem08:56
Stskeepsmaybe 2012 -will- be the year the world ends08:56
rasterthe world will collapse08:56
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raster2 carstens in 1 room08:56
rasterlike 2 blackholes next to eachother08:57
rasteranything might happen08:57
Greatgibraster: I don't know who did it, but the site looks pretty cool :)09:01
rasteras best i know guys at samsung did it09:02
rasterbut not sure totally09:02
GreatgibThe only sad thing is that in my company we already used scratchbox2 and so already called our internal build system sbs ;)09:02
rasteras i saw lots of preview versions over the last few weeks around here09:02
rastername FIGHT!09:02
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Greatgibraster: so today is the official release of the alpha source code or was advanced because of the previous leak or the site will not stay online?09:03
Greatgibraster: in our case, sbs stand for: simple build system !09:03
rasterofficial release day09:03
rasterleak was actually peolpe trying out stuff fror the release09:03
rasterie making sure everything is there09:03
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Stskeepswell, the full sources aren't available yet, ie, there's debs in the SBS repositories that aren't in the gitweb09:04
Stskeepsbut that's understandable atm09:04
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raster1 git tree may make a bunch of debs09:05
rasterso look carefully09:05
Stskeepsyeah, i know09:05
Stskeepsbut point me to the efl apps?09:05
Stskeepscall, etc09:05
rasterthe setup swizard09:06
rasterindicator bar09:06
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rasteractually all of them09:07
Stskeepswell, i can't see those on gitweb09:07
rasteri'm just looking at the emulator running09:07
Stskeepsyes, those are there :)09:07
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Stskeepsso, the obvious question that probably will come to someone's mind - how's the feelings/issues about putting the WRT/API and plugins on top of other OS'es?09:26
Stskeepsand what's the methods used to avoid fragmentation09:26
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Greatgibraster: anyway, there is still a fail, launching the site is very good, but it is stupid that no one announce it officially on the mailing list at least :p10:16
* stefan_schmidt would expect something like this is already in the maing10:17
TAsnwGreatgib, go ahead and send a mail to community10:17
GreatgibTAsnw: Anyone could, but that should have been done by an official source :s10:18
TAsnwGreatgib, doesn't really matter10:18
TAsnwi.e, someone should have probably sent it10:18
TAsnwbut you can as well10:19
TAsnwno difference10:19
TAsnwas long as it's in the website10:19
Stskeepsdevil's advocate: not sending a mail means no angry reactions10:19
TAsnwStskeeps, :P10:19
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TAsnwStskeeps, we should teach them a lesson and send angry reactions anyway!10:20
rasterStskeeps:  no idea about methods to avoid fragmentation10:20
TAsnwnothing to "re" about. :)10:20
rasteras for other os's - up to people to port i guess10:20
TAsnwbut hey, it's git10:20
rasterGreatgib: you assume anyone is subscribed to the ml10:20
TAsnwit's easy to keep in sync with upstream10:21
GreatgibTAsnw: no but it was really to say that this is a good example of bad communication and not really oriented against the community!10:21
Greatgibraster: ah ah ah ...10:21
TAsnwGreatgib, I guess. No official announcement in the IRC topic either10:21
GreatgibTAsnw: the truth is that Tizen is a pretty obscure entity and we don't really know people that are working on it.10:22
Stskeepsme, dawn, halstead and sofar can set topic, at least, if needed10:22
TAsnwStskeeps, ah really? so add something to the topic...10:23
rasterTAsnw:  u assume that people doing tizen are on irc... :)10:23
GreatgibJust  the community managers and officially the announcement on the website is signed by an obscure: Tizen Steering Group10:23
rasterbig assumption10:23
TAsnwraster, I don't assume that10:23
TAsnwraster, I just keep expanding the circles of communication10:23
rasterwell no announcement on irc10:23
StskeepsTAsnw: would prefer dawn to do it, not really my place to :P10:23
rasterits because noone involved in release is on irc10:24
TAsnwraster, trying them to announce on all of their official communication channels10:24
rasteror even knows or carews10:24
rasteror has permission10:24
TAsnwStskeeps, ah, you are here as an undercover cop? :)10:24
Greatgibraster: yeh that's what I say10:24
rasterseriously tho10:24
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rasteron the samsung side10:25
Greatgibraster: i think that you are the black duck of this organisation ;)10:25
StskeepsTAsnw: in case of emergency, break stskeeps10:25
rasterthere is a tiny handful of people subscrtibed to mail and on irc10:25
rasterits basicallly not allowed at the office to use irc10:25
rasterfirewall blocks everything10:25
raster(but i have my ways)10:25
rasterGreatgib:  TAsnw also works at samsung10:25
rasterthere are others here lurking10:25
SeoZwho summoned me?10:26
TAsnwraster, shhhh, I was an undercover dissatisfied customer!10:26
TAsnwnow it's ruined10:26
rasterthere are ppl from intel10:26
rasteri dont know them all10:26
Greatgibraster: Can you answer to this question: do you do your everyday work with intel guys or are each entities developing things on their sides?10:27
rasterbut i see several names i know10:27
rasterihyoyoung is also from samsung10:27
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Greatgibraster: yeh, good, disclose to us all the undercover agents of this channel :)10:28
rasterthats about it10:28
rasterin fact ewveryone i see form sammy works on efl10:28
rasterfunny that10:28
TAsnwraster, now that they know my real identity10:28
TAsnwI will probably lose my job10:28
rasterw/ere  like the ugly duckling of the group10:28
Stskeepsraster: any of the SBS guys around, by chance?10:29
rasteralways being strange and open-sourcey ans stuff10:29
rasterStskeeps:  nup.10:29
rasterTAsnw:  hahahahah10:29
stefan_schmidtTAsnw: I already mailed your boss some modified chat logs...10:29
Stskeepsyou know, i actually wonder how people found source.tizen.org10:29
TAsnwstefan_schmidt, DAMN YOU!10:29
GreatgibTAsnw: oh, so you assume you work at samsung, I was guessing you were spending your days chatting on irc like me ;)10:29
TAsnwStskeeps, security scanners10:30
rasterGreatgib: for me and the efl team - no.10:30
TAsnwGreatgib, I work with raster10:30
TAsnwGreatgib, and he's also here10:30
rastersbs it's linked from www.tizen.org10:30
TAsnwGreatgib, but I'm in a different timezone10:30
StskeepsGreatgib: yes, i know10:30
StskeepsGreatgib: but this one wasn't obvious10:31
GreatgibStskeeps: we are legions, you can't hide, we are everywhere ;)10:31
TAsnwok food, damn, I was about to go to lunch ages ago.10:31
rasterGreatgib: not trying to hide :)10:32
rasterTAsnw:  PIZZA!10:32
ihyoyoungmy identity is revealed.!!10:32
rasterihyoyoung:  you have been outed!10:33
GreatgibIsn't it the end of the day in korea?10:36
chouchounethat's why they're all on IRC, waiting for the end of the working day ;)10:37
rasterGreatgib:  depends whose day10:38
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anaZhey raster10:45
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rasterchouchoune: hahaha10:58
rasteranaZ:  yo10:58
anaZraster:  how is life?11:00
rasteranaZ: meh11:00
anaZraster: we missed each other a few weeks back in suwon, were you out on vacation?11:01
rasteranaZ:  hmm - no - i havent been on vacation for a few months11:02
rasterlike since august i think11:02
rasterhmm actually no11:02
rasterin sept i went i think11:02
rasterealry/mid setp11:03
anaZoh, I sent you an email back then, was hoping to drag you to Honest Kitchen with us :)11:03
rasterits in my spam box!11:03
anaZeither I am in your spam folder or i dont know11:04
rasterDate: Mon, 12 Dec 2011 11:21:35 +090011:04
rasterSubject: Lunch?11:04
*** mdavey has quit IRC11:04
rasteri would have come11:04
anaZmaybe because I sent from a Windows phone11:04
rastersomething abotu it made my spam filter bin it11:04
*** mdavey has joined #tizen11:04
anaZnext time11:05
anaZi was there with Sasha11:05
rasteraaaah cool11:05
rasteranaZ: would have been good to catch up11:06
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TAsnwraster, pizza is for dinner. :)11:21
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Puppet_Masterdoes somebody success on installing tizen sdk preview ?11:25
*** mdavey has quit IRC11:26
*** mdavey_ is now known as mdavey11:26
TAsnwPuppet_Master, I haven't tried installing the preview yet, but I think people have succeeded11:30
TAsnwincl raster11:30
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Puppet_Master[Error] Exit for update ->   What this is supposed to mean ?11:33
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Yangtsewhere can i download offline tizen document?11:39
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ilfi'm trying to install the sdk in a ubuntu 11.04 i386 chroot jail, the base system is fedora 16 x86_64. however i get a strange nullpointerexception after pressing the 'next' button on the 'Tized SDK Install Manager' window that pop-ups. Also the window is empty, it has only Next and Cancel buttons. Any pointers will be greatly appreciated11:45
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SchischuAny idea on how to put the packages from the repository together to get a tizen image ?11:46
ilfalso, will the 'ubuntu in a chroot' method work at all?11:47
vgradeSchischu, sbs --makeimage or someting11:48
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Schischuthx vgrade, i will try with sbs -i slp -B slp -A i38611:53
Schischuwah fail Couldn't find these debs: sbs-image-base :-(11:53
*** daniel_mh has joined #tizen11:55
*** denism has joined #tizen12:00
Greatgibilf: i succeeded in installing the sdk with ubuntu 10.1012:02
*** yangmeat has quit IRC12:05
batdenno problem on ubuntu 10.04 (real install no emulator)12:05
*** antognolli[AWAY] is now known as antognolli12:08
*** raster has quit IRC12:09
SeoZno problem on ubuntu 11.04 as well.12:09
*** jpetersen has quit IRC12:12
*** tilgovi has quit IRC12:15
*** SeoZ is now known as SeoZ-work[AWAY]12:17
niqtand 11.10 ?12:30
stefan_schmidthow much space will a complete image build need?12:31
* stefan_schmidt needs to estimate how big the kvm image needs to be :)12:31
*** Smtih has joined #tizen12:32
Greatgibbut eclipse unexpectedly quited when trying to create the first sample project with the kitchen thing :s (I hate so much eclipse....)12:33
Greatgibsegfault :(12:37
*** murrayc has quit IRC12:40
chouchouneGreatgib: yeah, using Eclipse will be a nightmare for me :/12:42
*** vivijim has joined #tizen12:44
Schischu@stefan_schmidt: Did you figure out how to build an image ?12:53
stefan_schmidtSchischu: not yet12:54
stefan_schmidtSchischu: I just extend my lvm to have space for a ubuntu kvm install12:54
stefan_schmidtNext is to install ubuntu there. No 32bit, or ubuntu, or sun java here12:54
*** oln has joined #tizen12:55
*** tbf_ has joined #tizen12:57
*** mwichmann has joined #tizen12:59
*** akira_tsukamoto has left #tizen12:59
*** tbf has quit IRC13:01
*** lamikr has joined #tizen13:04
Schischustefan, you dont like it easy? ;-)13:05
stefan_schmidtSchischu: I don't like my host system to be dictated on me ;)13:06
*** SeoZ has joined #tizen13:09
*** Dinnouti has left #tizen13:10
*** lofty306 has joined #tizen13:11
*** Dinnouti_ has joined #tizen13:12
*** tomeff has joined #tizen13:12
*** szatkus has joined #tizen13:12
Schischufor the beginning I just installed ubuntu in vmware ;-)13:21
jooncheolIs there any problem ? Was it okay ?13:21
jooncheolI'm starting to install tizen sdk in ubuntu 11.04 on vmware on mac13:22
*** tomeff has quit IRC13:24
*** jdong_bot_ has joined #tizen13:25
*** datagutt has joined #tizen13:26
*** tomeff has joined #tizen13:26
*** FSCV has joined #tizen13:27
*** kPb_in has quit IRC13:35
GreatgibI didn't managed to create a new project, eclipse crashs with segfault everytime but maybe i need an update for java or eclipse :s13:41
*** Yangtse has quit IRC13:42
*** asac_ has joined #tizen13:50
*** lofty306 has quit IRC13:50
*** batden has quit IRC13:52
*** valos has joined #tizen13:52
ilfGreatgib: was that in a chroot jail?13:55
*** dneary has joined #tizen13:58
*** dneary has joined #tizen13:58
*** tomeff1 has joined #tizen14:06
*** tomeff has quit IRC14:07
*** batden has joined #tizen14:09
*** Eren has joined #tizen14:09
*** tomeff1 has quit IRC14:12
*** tomeff has joined #tizen14:14
Greatgibilf: no, directly in my pc14:17
Greatgibin my home folder14:17
*** d-mch has quit IRC14:17
*** slx has joined #tizen14:19
*** kov_ has joined #tizen14:21
*** jdong_bot_ has quit IRC14:21
*** tmpsantos has joined #tizen14:21
*** gss_zh has joined #tizen14:25
*** gss_zh has joined #tizen14:25
*** kanishka has joined #tizen14:25
*** kanishka has left #tizen14:25
*** gaveen has quit IRC14:28
*** kov_ has quit IRC14:28
ilfGreatgib: that is probably the safest method and the one that obviously works. I don't want to install ubuntu though, so I'm trying to install the SDK inside ubuntu chroot on my Fedora x86_6414:28
*** d-mch has joined #tizen14:29
*** v6sa has quit IRC14:30
*** hipboi_ has joined #tizen14:31
*** mwichmann_ has joined #tizen14:32
*** sosborn_ has joined #tizen14:33
*** matr0 has joined #tizen14:33
*** jackiewu has quit IRC14:33
*** abinader has quit IRC14:33
*** sosborn has quit IRC14:33
*** DawnFoster has quit IRC14:33
*** gss_zh has quit IRC14:33
*** monk has quit IRC14:33
*** hipboi has quit IRC14:33
*** zma has quit IRC14:33
*** zma_ has joined #tizen14:33
*** abinader has joined #tizen14:33
*** mwichmann has quit IRC14:34
*** tjikkun_work has quit IRC14:34
*** SeoZ-work[AWAY] has quit IRC14:34
*** jackiewu has joined #tizen14:34
*** DawnFoster has joined #tizen14:34
*** tjikkun_work has joined #tizen14:34
*** jbos has joined #tizen14:34
*** jbos_ has quit IRC14:34
*** SeoZ-work[AWAY] has joined #tizen14:34
*** Iceberg has joined #tizen14:35
*** berndhs has joined #tizen14:35
*** monk has joined #tizen14:35
*** mwichmann_ has quit IRC14:36
*** monk has quit IRC14:36
*** mwichmann has joined #tizen14:37
*** monk has joined #tizen14:37
*** monk has joined #tizen14:37
*** kPb_in has joined #tizen14:44
*** monk has quit IRC14:48
*** kanishka has joined #tizen14:51
*** lamikr has quit IRC14:51
*** Babu has joined #tizen14:58
*** jpetersen has joined #tizen15:01
*** kanishka has left #tizen15:01
*** kPb_in has quit IRC15:02
*** kido has quit IRC15:06
*** balor has joined #tizen15:08
k2ri don't understand why are not compat with 64 bits15:08
*** uliyneron has joined #tizen15:09
TAsnwk2r, because of compat issues, obviously... ;P15:09
k2rI install all in a Ubuntu 32 bits VM and copy to Ubuntu 64 bits and emulator work fine15:09
TAsnwj/k, though probably something is 32bit only15:09
TAsnwk2r, lol.15:09
TAsnwsend a mail to ML then15:09
TAsnwalso, I've heard root is not needed15:10
TAsnwalthough listed as a requirement15:10
TAsnwgo figure... :)15:10
*** tomeff has quit IRC15:10
*** tomeff1 has joined #tizen15:10
k2rYes, there are some errors but I can play with the emulator and work fine and smooth15:11
TAsnwwhat kind of errors?15:12
*** changseok has joined #tizen15:12
k2rLibrary compat15:13
k2rI have run emulator-manager, then some errors appear but work15:15
jooncheolInstalled tizen-sdk on ubuntu 11.04 on vmware on mac lion15:15
jooncheolIt works fine eventhough littlebit slow :-)15:16
jooncheolmy first feeling of sdk is not bad except java based installer :-)15:16
k2rTizen IDE don't work15:18
TAsnwjooncheol, yeah, that's the awful part, I guess.15:18
*** kPb_in has joined #tizen15:18
*** tmpsantos has quit IRC15:20
*** kPb_in has quit IRC15:21
jooncheolIf it re-implemented by using bash+zenity or Qt4, It would be better I think...15:23
*** DawnFoster has quit IRC15:24
*** slx has quit IRC15:24
*** Babu has quit IRC15:25
TAsnwjooncheol, Qt?15:26
TAsnwwhy not EFL?15:26
TAsnwif not EFL then GTK+15:26
jooncheolI'm saying sdk installer15:26
TAsnwbut why Qt?15:26
TAsnwjooncheol, I know that's what you are saying15:26
SachielI like the bash option15:26
TAsnwSachiel, he said bash+zenity15:27
TAsnwI prefer15:27
jooncheolyep, I like the bash + zenity too.15:27
Sachieloh, I misread15:27
*** ph0b has quit IRC15:27
Sachielbash alone would be enough15:27
TAsnwmore than enough15:27
jooncheolBut Qt4 is good for Mac or Windows environment15:27
TAsnwjooncheol, same as efl and gtk15:27
*** matr0 has quit IRC15:27
Sachielso is bash!15:27
TAsnwSachiel, :)15:27
Erenwell, as far as I know, EFL is used mainly?15:28
*** matr0 has joined #tizen15:28
jooncheolI don't think that efl or gtk is good for Mac or Windows15:28
TAsnwEren, on the device itself, we are discussing the installer15:28
TAsnwjooncheol, what makes you think that?15:28
*** ph0b has joined #tizen15:28
ErenTAsnw: ah, okie15:29
*** gof has joined #tizen15:29
*** hyunki_baik has quit IRC15:30
jooncheolTAsnw, AFAIK, in case of efl, it can't work without XQuartz. I don't know about the case of windows...15:30
jooncheolalso.. gtk+ for aqua is not stable yet.15:30
vadmesteHello, In which devices tizen can be installed for  the moment ?15:30
cedricjooncheol: patch welcome :)15:31
jooncheolIf Tizen sdk will be supported another platform, I think qt4 could be good option15:31
jooncheolcedric, :-)15:31
cedricefl is almost working with gl_cocoa15:31
cedricwe just need people who actually do development and use efl to finish it15:32
jooncheolI tried to found source code of installer, but it seems not opened yet.15:32
cedricas for windows, efl does officially support it with latest version 1.1 release in december15:32
cedricare you speaking about efl or tizen ?15:32
TAsnwcedric, efl15:33
jooncheolwell, I think efl can be work well on the another os in near future? But I think it may very very hard thing...15:34
*** k2r is now known as Jose_Casero15:35
Sachielhow so? it's working already, it just lacks people using it in those other systems to provide patches or bug reports15:35
jooncheolfor example, IME support for another platfrom is also very important point. eventhough efl for cocoa is work properly now. Does it support IME for Mac properly? (Actually, I don't know about efl? it's my question..)15:36
jooncheolthat's why I think qt is better than efl or gtk+ for sdk-installer right now.15:37
*** githogori has quit IRC15:37
TAsnware you sure GTK+ doesn't do all of those?15:37
jooncheolAnyway, It just my thinking ? :-)15:38
jooncheolTAsnw, I'm using korean OS, In case of Mac, GTK+ cocoa port is not work properly.15:38
TAsnwso if so, then Qt is the way to go15:38
*** matr0 has quit IRC15:39
*** zgyarmati has quit IRC15:41
Sachielit should be EFL and if something's not working on other os it should be fixed. It's ridiculous to have a platform that doesn't include qt anywhere but it uses it for the installer/sdk15:41
Sachielnothing against qt, just against the lack of coherence15:41
*** enginnerd_ has joined #tizen15:42
cedricwhat is IME ?15:42
TAsnwSachiel, I agree.15:42
SachielInput Method Engine15:42
cedricand it's pretty easy to fix efl right now15:42
TAsnwSachiel, that's what I implied initially...15:42
cedriccode source is small and well separated15:43
*** balor has quit IRC15:43
jooncheolAre you EFL fan ? :-) Is there any Qt fan in this channel ? :-)15:44
cedrici am not an efl fan, i am an efl developper, like TAsnw and Sachiel15:44
SachielI'm an EFL developer, but once more: it's nothing against Qt, just the lack of coherence of having a platform that doesn't use or include Qt but it uses it to build it's SDK15:45
jooncheolAnyway, Tizen-IDE is work fine in my vmware ubunt 11.04. Wow!15:45
cedricSachiel: completly agreed15:45
cedricit just doesn't make sense15:45
cedricoh and SeoZ also is a efl developper15:45
jooncheolBut? I have a question, If so, whey tizen sdk installer is implemented by using Java+SWT ?15:46
SachielIt would be like talking for months that this is a Linux phone and having the SDK work only on Windows.15:46
SachielBecause it's based on Eclipse15:46
*** halstead|away is now known as halstead15:47
jooncheolHmm, It's make sense, But it doesn't work on 64bit linux. that's a problem15:48
SachielWhich should be fixed, for the time being I'm giving the benefit of the doubt based on the "Alpha preview" tag of this release.15:49
jooncheolSomeone reported that emulator works fine on 64bit environment. But we cannot install them due to java installer's 64bit issue.15:49
SachielThere's somethign people can use to start playing and see how developing for Tizen will be, it's not a final SDK15:49
jooncheolOkay. I understand15:50
*** Sango has quit IRC15:50
*** matr0 has joined #tizen15:52
*** daniel_mh has quit IRC15:53
*** szatkus has quit IRC15:54
*** andyross has joined #tizen15:54
jooncheolscreenshot of tizen emulator. It looks good :-)!/jooncheol/status/15676697964512051215:54
Jose_Caserojooncheol I have running on 64 bits. I want record a video but recordmydesktop don't work15:57
*** dominig has joined #tizen15:57
*** Alison_Chaiken has joined #tizen15:57
jooncheolJose_Casero, by using installer ? or did you copy data from 32bit machine ?15:58
Greatgibwhy the emulator skin looks like an iphone ;) ?15:59
Jose_Caserojooncheol, copy data from 32 bits15:59
Jose_CaseroI can't running with chroot15:59
jooncheolOkay, cool, Thanks for let me know. I'll try to copy tomorrow15:59
jooncheolmy company pc is 64bit. I wasn't able to install it this morning. :-)16:00
jooncheolI've tried to install it by using sbs from git server. then I've tried to run with Xephyr. But I've failed to run. because I'm not familia with Tizen's root fs structure.16:01
jooncheolMaybe I need to review again about Tizen? I was familiar with MeeGo's fs and boot sequence. I'm not yet with Tizen.16:02
*** andyross has quit IRC16:03
TAsnwhm... damn thing looks like it hanged16:04
TAsnw(progress bar is "stuck")16:04
TAsnwis that normal?16:04
SeoZGreatgib: that's what i thought :) it just looks like an iphone.16:04
stefan_schmidtcooperate env, eh? install-sbs only allows .com email addresses for git? Seriously?16:05
stefan_schmidtNice joke16:05
stefan_schmidtSmells like my first patch for tomorrow :)16:06
*** jdee has joined #tizen16:06
TAsnwstefan_schmidt, haha16:06
SeoZstefan_schmidt: haha16:07
*** matr0 has quit IRC16:07
*** matr0 has joined #tizen16:07
TAsnwstefan_schmidt, please in your patch, only add .de and .il16:08
TAsnwstefan_schmidt, lets do it step by step. :P16:08
*** andyross has joined #tizen16:08
stefan_schmidtneed to check got the git return code when checking the config var16:09
stefan_schmidtanyway, off doing some sports.16:09
stefan_schmidtWill do a patch tomorrow16:09
*** oytunx has joined #tizen16:10
*** oytunx has left #tizen16:10
*** SeoZ has quit IRC16:12
*** oytunx has joined #tizen16:14
*** ocrateb has quit IRC16:14
*** stefan_schmidt has quit IRC16:15
*** xruxa has quit IRC16:15
*** kPb_in has joined #tizen16:16
*** kanishka has joined #tizen16:17
*** slaine has quit IRC16:18
*** vgrade has quit IRC16:19
*** DawnFoster has joined #tizen16:23
TAsnwDawnFoster, hey there.16:24
TAsnwJose_Casero, just verified, it does start installation as user, haven't tried running it as it's still downloading. :)16:26
DawnFosterTAsnw: hello16:26
Sachielwhat will be announced today? or it'll just be a weekly thing?16:26
TAsnwand judging by the d/l speed and the responsiveness of the website, I'm not the only one. :)16:26
*** l0pher has joined #tizen16:27
TAsnwDawnFoster, managed to convince anyone to add a bug tracker? :)16:27
DawnFosterare people having issues with download speeds? If so, downloads of which parts?16:27
DawnFosterTAsnw: that will take a while16:27
*** niqt has quit IRC16:27
DawnFosterfor now, just post issues to the mailing list16:27
TAsnwDawnFoster, from the intsaller itself16:28
DawnFosterthe sdk installer?16:28
TAsnwit's currently downloading "emulator-image"16:28
TAsnwDawnFoster, yeah.16:28
DawnFosteror sbs16:28
*** kanishka has left #tizen16:28
TAsnwsdk installer16:28
TAsnwhaven't got to sbs yet16:28
DawnFosterok, thanks16:28
TAsnwI'm d/ling at ~10kbps16:28
*** tjikkun_work has quit IRC16:28
SachielTAsnw: when you are done, build an image of your chroot and send it this way16:28
DawnFosterTAsnw: where are you located?16:29
TAsnwDawnFoster, Israel16:29
StskeepsTAsnw: just shows that it's popular ;)16:29
DawnFosterare others having the same issues?16:29
TAsnwDawnFoster, not sure.16:29
*** anaZ has quit IRC16:29
TAsnwDawnFoster, although you are probably pretty close to the servers16:29
TAsnwyou can try as well16:29
*** anaZ has joined #tizen16:29
jooncheolI downloaded well 2 hours ago16:29
TAsnwStskeeps, it seems so. :)16:29
ErenTAsnw: I can try the url, can you post it?16:30
TAsnwEren, no idea what the url is.16:30
TAsnwSachiel, it's not a chroot here, I'm installing it on a real box I have lying around16:30
Erenliving in Turkey, close to Israel, I can test it16:30
TAsnwSachiel, chroot is already occupied with stuff I actually need and can't afford to break.16:30
TAsnwEren, ah sweet, hm... download the tizen sdk and start an installation please.16:31
*** elmarco has quit IRC16:31
*** elmarco_ has joined #tizen16:31
*** Puppet_Master has quit IRC16:31
TAsnwthough although we are geographically close16:31
TAsnwwe actually connect to the world through italy16:31
Jose_CaseroTizen OS Review running in Ubuntu 64 bits16:32
TAsnwDawnFoster, anyhow, I hardly believe it's something with my link to the us.16:32
ErenTAsnw: 300 Kbps when dling16:32
DawnFosterwell, some of those files are hosted in Korea.16:33
ErenTAsnw: that's my whole bandwidth16:33
jooncheolJose_Casero, which program did you use for recording ?16:33
Erenand it looks pretty good16:33
Jose_Caserojooncheol, recordmydesktop16:33
TAsnwweird, thanks.16:33
TAsnwWell, I'll just wait 1 day and 6 hours.16:34
*** anaZ has quit IRC16:34
*** mlfoster has joined #tizen16:34
TAsnwhoping it won't crash in the middle cause I don't know if this installer supports continuing a paused download. (ah, downloading a tar.gz is such much easier...)16:34
TAsnwJose_Casero, emulator looks fast.16:35
*** Alison_Chaiken has quit IRC16:35
Jose_CaseroTAsnw, yes is really fast16:35
Stskeepsthey did the sane thing and actually ran the full OS in a x86 emulator, probably16:36
*** elmarco_ has quit IRC16:36
Jose_CaseroFaster than firsts android versions16:36
*** elmarco has joined #tizen16:36
TAsnwStskeeps, yep. The Qemu-kvm implies that16:36
TAsnwStskeeps, (and prior publications here)16:36
Stskeepsbtw, llvmpipe is worst investigating into, we had like 60fps on GLESv2/EGL easily with it16:36
Stskeepser, worth16:36
TAsnwJose_Casero, efl is cross platform and wac is as well16:36
Stskeepsfor virtual machines16:37
jooncheolhave you ever click the right mouse button ? there is a popup menu :-) It is better than Android emulator16:37
TAsnwso no point in having an arm emulator16:37
*** kosnick has joined #tizen16:37
Jose_Caserojooncheol, yes is cool16:37
TAsnwif I only had a decent/semi-decent download speed16:38
Erenit's good that a mobile OS releases its first emulator for ubuntu16:38
Jose_CaseroWould be cool watching Tizen running on a HTC Magic hahaha16:38
Jose_Caseronext step16:38
kosnickhello i am trying to install tizen on a debian (yes i know , ubuntu is suggested). system. i get an error "cannot read resource: /etc/lsb-release" . anything about it.16:38
Erenkosnick: well, it would be just a hack, I don't know if emulator uses features specific to ubuntu16:39
TAsnwEren, I don't think there's anything ubuntu specific16:39
Erenkosnick: but you should create that file that specifies which distribution and version you are using16:39
kosnickdod you  by accident know the syntax? or at least16:40
kosnickaa ok16:40
Jose_Caserokosnick, try install a package called lsb-release16:40
Erenhere is mine, ubuntu 10.1016:40
jooncheolemulator code looks still not opened. right ?16:40
Jose_Caserokosnick, sudo apt-get install lsb-release16:40
ErenJose_Casero: oh, it's not default in debian then16:40
Eren Unpacking      ....... tizen_sdk.bin: 93: Syntax error: "(" unexpected16:40
Jose_CaseroEren, nop16:40
kosnicki am trying to install lsb-release and see what happens. i ll let you know, thx for info16:40
*** pixelgeek has joined #tizen16:41
Erenfixed :)16:41
Jose_CaseroEren, try ./tizen_sdk.bin16:41
*** kPb_in has quit IRC16:41
ErenJose_Casero: yeah16:41
*** kPb_in has joined #tizen16:41
TAsnwJose_Casero, from a user point of view: what do you think about tizen?16:41
kosnickem, lsb-release is already installed in my system16:42
Erenwow, tizen ide is nearly 1GB16:42
Stskeepsdon't complain, maemo scratchbox was like 5-8gb+16:43
Erenso, how is GSM connectivity made?16:46
Jose_CaseroTAsnw, now is a baby OS. For example, notification bar (bar where have a house icon)16:46
*** tbf_ has quit IRC16:47
*** berndhs has left #tizen16:47
Erenas far as I know, gsm chips are proprietary and the source code for handling it cannot be made free16:47
Jose_CaseroTAsnw, is horrible, but effects and performance are cool16:47
TAsnwah sweet.16:48
Sachielany .edj around? maybe you can start by making it pretty16:48
TAsnwJose_Casero, Sachiel asked a good question, do you have access to the file system?16:48
TAsnwEren, it's because of eclipse and other bullshit I bet.16:49
Jose_CaseroI can't try it16:49
TAsnwhow come?16:51
kosnicki am giving up. however so far i got to this: in debian there is /etc/debian-version or something like it. So i created a /etc/lsb-release with "lsb-release -a >> /etc/lsb-release" . So i got over that point but it seems there is something  else since i get an exception in java or something. I am giving up and try again during weekend in an ubuntu system16:51
kosnickthanks all for suggestions though16:51
*** l0pher has quit IRC16:52
*** andyross has quit IRC16:53
*** kosnick has quit IRC16:53
*** berndhs_950 has joined #tizen16:54
ilfhas anyone seen such an exception when trying to install the SDK?16:57
*** berndhs_950 has joined #tizen16:57
*** berndhs_950 has joined #tizen16:59
*** NIN101 has joined #tizen17:01
*** jpetersen has quit IRC17:02
*** uartie has quit IRC17:03
*** lmctl has joined #tizen17:11
*** kPb_in has quit IRC17:11
*** csdb has quit IRC17:12
Jose_Caseroilf, OpenJDK or Sun java?17:12
*** nsuffys has joined #tizen17:13
TAsnwif it only works with sun's java, that'd be a classic...17:14
cedricyou know, java is portable17:16
cedricjava is fast17:16
cedricjava doesn't use memory17:16
*** csdb has joined #tizen17:17
TAsnwcedric, yeah. :)17:19
TAsnwjava is the real wonder of creation.17:20
cedricsomething like that...17:20
*** kdebski has joined #tizen17:21
*** jooncheol has left #tizen17:22
*** jooncheol has joined #tizen17:22
*** fw190 has left #tizen17:30
*** nbertrand is now known as nbertrand_17:34
*** uartie has joined #tizen17:35
*** kido has joined #tizen17:37
*** kido has joined #tizen17:37
*** Smtih has quit IRC17:38
*** dneary has quit IRC17:42
*** kdebski has left #tizen17:45
*** berndhs_950 has quit IRC17:45
*** valos has quit IRC17:48
ilfJose_Casero: sun java 6 on ubuntu 11.04, i have to point out that i'm running it in chroot. though17:53
*** kido has quit IRC17:55
*** berndhs_950 has joined #tizen18:00
*** thexception|off is now known as thexception18:04
*** mdavey has quit IRC18:05
*** jjkola has joined #tizen18:08
*** vgrade has joined #tizen18:10
*** l0pher has joined #tizen18:19
*** andyross has joined #tizen18:20
*** FSCV has quit IRC18:22
*** FSCV has joined #tizen18:29
*** uliyneron has quit IRC18:30
*** uliyneron has joined #tizen18:31
*** matr0 has quit IRC18:32
*** matr0_ has joined #tizen18:32
*** nputnam has joined #tizen18:34
*** FSCV has quit IRC18:35
Jose_Caseroifl, yesterday I tried run in a ubuntu i386 chroot without good results. Installer is executed but next button not working18:37
SachielI'm doing that now18:38
*** matr0_ has quit IRC18:38
*** kanishka has joined #tizen18:38
*** matr0 has joined #tizen18:38
Jose_CaseroBefore run chroot, you must mount /dev and /proc18:39
Sachielschroot does that for me18:40
*** githogori has joined #tizen18:41
*** matr0 has quit IRC18:41
*** matr0 has joined #tizen18:41
*** pierce has joined #tizen18:42
*** FSCV has joined #tizen18:42
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*** kanishka has left #tizen18:49
Jose_CaseroI get it!18:49
Jose_CaseroIn chroot work18:49
TAsnJose_Casero, use schroot18:51
TAsnschroot >> chroot for those purposes18:51
*** uliyneron has quit IRC18:52
*** kido has joined #tizen19:01
*** kido has joined #tizen19:01
*** halstead is now known as halstead|lunch19:02
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*** andyross has quit IRC19:06
vadmesteI think it's important to make tizen sdk works in majority of linux distributions..19:17
vadmeste(not only ubuntu..)19:17
Sachielor at least have the requirements right so a chroot doesn't take 10 attempts19:17
aukevadmeste: we all agree19:18
TAsnvadmeste, send something to mailing list19:18
*** kido has quit IRC19:18
*** kido has joined #tizen19:18
*** kido has joined #tizen19:18
TAsnmake it easier for people to point for public complaints19:18
TAsnirc rants go to waste19:18
aukealways :)19:18
TAsn(with that being said, I'm an offender myself, I rant here quite often)19:19
*** githogori has quit IRC19:34
*** zma_ is now known as zma19:36
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*** gab_ has joined #tizen20:39
stefan_schmidtDawnFoster: Patches to install-sbs should go to the product ml or the general20:45
stefan_schmidtAs it is build system related I would think products, but nothing is going on there20:45
stefan_schmidtAh well, I will just send it to both and wait for comments :)20:48
*** kido has quit IRC20:50
*** kido has joined #tizen20:50
*** kido has joined #tizen20:50
Stskeepsstefan_schmidt: first patch, congratulations ;)20:50
stefan_schmidtStskeeps: heh, yeah!20:50
Sachielshame on you not having FIRST! in the subject20:51
stefan_schmidtStskeeps: will put it into my trophy cabinet ;)20:51
stefan_schmidtSachiel: heh20:51
stefan_schmidtbtw, anyone figure out a way to build image without the SDK? Or better, has anyone tried?20:52
stefan_schmidtI want to build an image here and do native app development. Not so much use for the SDK for me.20:53
Sachielnot yet, I just managed to install the sdk after the third attempt of it not finding a program and failing20:53
stefan_schmidtAnd I want to avoid the 32bit + SUN java problem here :)20:53
Sachielthank god for squid20:53
stefan_schmidtI had to setup an ubuntu in kvm for it.20:53
SachielI succeeded with the chroot20:54
stefan_schmidtAnd now the simulator is slow as I haven't enabled nested virt yet20:54
Sachielbut I wasted enough time with it already, I'll check the rest at some other time20:54
stefan_schmidtSachiel: :)20:54
stefan_schmidtI could really do with only sbs and stuff for know20:54
stefan_schmidtActually I'm wondering what parts of the SDK this will need20:55
stefan_schmidtseems I have to try it :)20:55
*** lizardo has quit IRC20:56
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TAsnstefan_schmidt, you can tell the sdk to not install eclipse. :)21:14
*** d-mch has quit IRC21:15
TAsnI was about to say a snide comment that android did a better job with the sdk install, but actually, that's not entirely true, as you also have to download crap from inside eclipse... ;\21:15
stefan_schmidtAlso bound to sun java IIRC21:16
TAsnwhy do people avoid using tested a reliable technologies (web browser in this case).21:16
stefan_schmidtits quite some time though...21:16
TAsnstefan_schmidt, I was talking about annoying downloads, but yeah, at least android is pro java so they can justify their awful use of it21:16
TAsnbut tizen is pro html, why don't we use html's <a> tags for downloading files? :P21:17
stefan_schmidtTAsn: Only Eclipse need sun java installed?21:17
TAsn(instead of the annoying checkbox in the sdk)21:17
TAsnstefan_schmidt, nope, apparently the installer needs it21:17
stefan_schmidtTAsn: Palm/HP did have an IDE directly in the browser :)21:17
TAsneclipse works with openjdk iirc21:17
TAsnstefan_schmidt, that's too awful. :P21:17
TAsnthe installer was reported to need sun's java though21:17
stefan_schmidtWell, for people that are into IDE it might be not such a bug problem21:18
stefan_schmidthmm, ok21:18
stefan_schmidtthis will all sort out over time I think21:18
stefan_schmidtgetting a image build + native dev setup running (with emulator) without java would be preferred on my side21:19
stefan_schmidtat least sbs make good progress on my native box with 64bit and debian unstable21:19
*** mrussell has quit IRC21:19
stefan_schmidtbut its the second day anyway21:19
stefan_schmidtTAsn: What I find more critical then all the problems people might have with the strange setups they use is how incoming contributions will be handled21:20
stefan_schmidtThus my small test balloon with the install-sbs patch21:21
TAsnI wonder that as well21:21
Sachielyeah, that one's a pretty big thing21:21
TAsnstefan_schmidt, what did you end up doing? you just removed the .com check altogether? or did you add some kind of regex or whatever?21:21
stefan_schmidtI want to see if a maintainer jumps on it, gives me review and points me to gerrit or applies it, whatever :)21:21
stefan_schmidtTAsn: Well it was empty when not set here. Maybe your case with enter@mail.git was with an older git version?21:22
TAsnmaybe it's only when you commit21:22
TAsni.e if it's empty21:22
TAsnand you commit21:22
TAsnit inserts something21:23
TAsnand it's not that21:23
TAsnor something like that21:23
stefan_schmidtTAsn: here it was empty if not set so I only checked for this and break out of the function if the setting was not empty21:23
stefan_schmidtno real email validation like check for *@*.*21:23
TAsnI think they wanted some kind of email verification21:24
TAsnbut ok21:24
TAsnI bet there'll be no official response21:24
TAsnI doubt there are any maintainers registered to the ML21:24
IcebergThe .com issue in install-sbs is a dumb left over from a times when SBS was used internally in Samsung21:24
TAsnIceberg, yep.21:24
stefan_schmidtIceberg: I know :)21:24
*** dominig has quit IRC21:24
stefan_schmidtIceberg: Rumors are there were several iterations for this line as well :)21:25
stefan_schmidtI'm also fine with removing the check all together21:25
IcebergIt used to check for a e-mail to prevent devs from commiting with a foo-user@workstation e-mail21:25
stefan_schmidtBut having some sanity check that never pops up if already set is fine imho21:25
stefan_schmidtIceberg: yeah, and then people with showed up :)21:26
*** antognolli is now known as antognolli[AWAY]21:26
stefan_schmidtAnd then intel.com21:26
stefan_schmidtAnd now I dear to have a .org address :D21:26 ;P21:26
Icebergright :)21:26
TAsnSachiel, you guys are sick haxors21:26
TAsnyou managed to change the script yourself21:27
SachielI did?21:27
stefan_schmidtAnyway, I'm not bound to the patch. Annoyed me, fixed it, used it as test balloon to see how people respond and handle patches21:27
stefan_schmidtBrazil hax0r skills21:28
TAsnSachiel, didn't you?21:28
DawnFosterstefan_schmidt: probably product ML21:29
*** test123 has quit IRC21:29
stefan_schmidtDawnFoster: send to both now. Will know for the next time :)21:30
TAsnstefan_schmidt, now you are both first and second! You are a patch power house!21:30
*** pzanoni has quit IRC21:31
* stefan_schmidt dance the first patch dance21:31
TAsnnow do the second patch dance!21:31
stefan_schmidtnah, bed time over here21:32
TAsnliar, it's only 22:3621:32
TAsnit's party time21:32
stefan_schmidtSome Sherlock Holmes reading an then sleepy toime21:33
TAsngood. :)21:33
stefan_schmidtTAsn: If you would as old as myself you would not say this ;)21:33
TAsnstefan_schmidt, I'll not be happy if you go to sleep early like this in fosdem.21:33
stefan_schmidtTAsn: Nah, I promise!21:33
TAsnstefan_schmidt, I'll hold you to it, oldie.21:33
stefan_schmidtTAsn: Then we can try how much you Israeli are able to drink. ;)21:34
stefan_schmidtAnyway, night folks21:34
TAsnnot nearly as you. :)21:34
TAsnas much as you*21:35
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Sachielthe news finally hit slashdot and they get 80% of it wrong23:26
*** happycube has joined #tizen23:28
SeoZSachiel: link?23:29
*** otep has quit IRC23:29
SeoZcan you read this?23:32
Sachielmachine translations are very bad23:33
*** mdavey has quit IRC23:33
*** acidfu has joined #tizen23:34
Phlogistique If any French here wants to help getting the news out23:34
*** otep has joined #tizen23:34
Sachielmind you, I got the sdk to run in arch under an ubuntu chroot23:34
Phlogistiqueas for me I'm going to bed23:34
acidfuPhlogistique, bonne nuit ;)23:34
*** andyross has quit IRC23:34
*** jdee has joined #tizen23:36
SeoZSachiel: oh.. you installed sdk on arch linux using ubuntu chroot?23:37
SeoZso, it's possible to run sdk in other distros.23:37
Sachielyup, it's annoying to get all the deps right though23:37
SeoZok, i'll fix the blog then :)23:37
Sachielthe installer checks some packages, but fails to notice the missing xdg-utils and unzip that needs after downloading everything23:37
Sachielso it fails, you have to start over and it goes to download everything from the beginning23:38
SeoZoh.. bad :(23:38
Sachielbut now I'm gone, bye23:38
*** jdee has quit IRC23:39
SeoZSachiel: cya23:39
*** jdee has joined #tizen23:39
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