Upcoming Technologies: Wayland and oFono

We have a number of upcoming technologies that we plan to use in upcoming versions of Tizen. In this presentation, we'll talk about two of those technologies: Wayland and oFono. Wayland is a display server protocol with compositing window managers to communicate directly with applications and video hardware. In this talk, we will discuss our current progress with Wayland and our future plans. The oFono open source telephony stack is a complete and simple solution for everything around telephony. oFono reached its 1.0 milestone a few months ago with a lot of development to create a rich and feature complete open source telephony stack for GSM/UMTS. We will talk about advanced features, like support for CDMA and LTE and the integration with Bluetooth and the Handsfree/Headset and Dialup Networking profiles.

Jesse Barnes, Intel

Jesse has been an active OSS and Linux contributer for many years now. His first real pushes started with some KDE and XMMS work on IRIX; but shortly thereafter he moved to working on Linux scalability and platform support for high-end SGI Altix servers. He now works at Intel with a focus on the Linux graphics stack (with a side of Linux PCI maintenance), and has recently started work on Wayland-related projects.

Marcel Holtmann, Intel

Marcel Holtmann works for the Open Source Technology Center at Intel. He maintains open source projects including BlueZ, ConnMan and oFono.