Tizen Native Display Layer - EFL, Architecture and Usage

EFL (The Enlightenment Foundation Libraries) were written to support the development of Enlightenment, and ultimately became a complete toolkit for making applications for desktops and especially lower powered devices like phones and tablets. The focus on achieving great effects, ease of programming and lean efficiency has attracted some major players to EFL, such as Samsung Electronics. EFL is being used in development for their next generation devices. Find out about EFL.

Carsten Haitzler, Samsung

Some may better know me as Raster or Rasterman. I've been using Linux as my only operating system since 1996, developing applications for Linux since then, and before that. I have worked and lived around the world in many countries,. I have written Window Managers, Compositors, image processing and rendering libraries, toolkits, and many other utilities. I work at Samsung Electronics on the Tizen mobile platform mostly focusing on UI and rendering where EFL is the core library toolkit.