Introduction to Tizen Telephony

Tizen's key value proposition is HTML5 and Web application development. This talk will provide you all the details about the Tizen Web APIs and how application developers can take advantage of the APIs to build applications. There are many extensions, and we have adopted early drafts of specifications where applicable. The current APIs rely on open standards and provide full access to the mobile platform and its functionality so that you can write any application using Web APIs.

DongHoo Park, Samsung

DongHoo park got the masters degree in software engineering form KAIST. His topic was to design of valuable software platform. So, he joined the Linux platform group of Samsung in 2008. The major commercial project of his achievement is the LIMO. During the commercializing LIMO product, he got the lot’s of field experiences. Base on that experiences, he was involved in network projects of Samsung. And also joined MWC 2010 for supporting LTE. Currently, he is the one of maintainers of Tizen Telephony , his responsibility is the cellular packet service.