Intro to Tizen Community

Tizen Community is made up of all of the people who collectively work on or with Tizen: Product contributors, kernel / distribution developers, release managers, quality assurance, application developers, users, vendors, and other contributors. Data gathered in the monthly metrics will form the basis for this presentation with details about membership, mailing list posts, bugs, IRC, active users and more. We'll use these numbers as a basis to talk about various ways to participate in the community.

Dawn Foster, Intel

Dawn Foster leads the Community Office within Intel’s Open Source Technology Center. Dawn has more than 16 years of experience in business and technology with expertise in strategic planning, management, community building, community management, open source software, market research, social media, and RSS. She is passionate about bringing people together through a combination of online communities and real-world events. She has experience building new communities, and managing existing communities with a particular emphasis on developer and open source communities. In addition to working at Intel, Dawn was an online community consultant, and she has worked at Jive Software, Compiere, and a Midwestern manufacturing company in positions ranging from Unix system administrator to market researcher to community manager to open source strategist. She is the author of the books, What Dawn Eats: Vegan Food That Isn’t Weird and Companies and Communities: Participating without being sleazy.