Announcing the Tizen Studio 5.5 Release

We are pleased to announce the release of Tizen Studio version 5.5


This release includes some new features and bug fixes in Tizen Studio IDE, Visual Studio Extension for Tizen and Visual Studio Code Extension for Tizen.


New features:

  • Tizen Studio

  - Added common unified profile called Tizen and deprecated mobile and wearable profiles from Tizen 8.0 version onwards.

  - Added support for 64-bit emulators for Tizen-8.0 profile.

  - Added support for new resolutions such as 1920x1080 and 1280x720 in 32/64-bit emulators of Tizen-8.0 profile and updated their display size.

  - Tizen Studio and tools are now supported on AMD PCs.

  • Certificate Manager

  - Added new distributor certificates from Tizen 8.0 version onwards.

  - Added support for creation of new distributor certificate from certificate manager UI.

  - External browser support has been added to create Samsung certificates.

  • Visual Studio (Windows)

  - Support for Tizen.NET diagnostics tools - dump, gcdump and trace for Tizen dotnet projects.

  - Heaptrack configuration page has been added in Memory Profiler.

  - Coreprofiler configuration page has been updated with new profiling options.

  • Visual Studio Code

- Added heaptrack profiler support for Tizen.NET projects.Fixed bugs.

Issues fixed:

  • Fixed the issue of Battery Historian not launching in Windows.
  • Fixed the issue of native apps not launching on shell enabled TV devices from VS plugin.


For more information about the new features and bug fixes, see Release Notes.


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