Viulib* is a set of precompiled libraries developed by Vicomtech-IK4 that simplify the building of complex computer vision, machine learning and artificial intelligence solutions. It reduces time in prototyping stages, facilitates technology validation, enables transparent licensing schemes and allows for multi-platform integration. Viulib is a software library, a solution that collects, processes and analyzes real-time video images.

Viulib’s primary market is the transport industry mainly focused on Advanced Driver Assistance Systems: helping drivers keep their attention on the road. Viulib provides solutions such as Lane Departure Warning System, Collision Avoidance System, Driver’s Fatigue Detection or Pedestrian Detection. These assistance systems enhance safety and comfort by helping drivers maintain awareness and directing their attention to potential emerging hazards.

Viulib’s technology can also apply to Autonomous vehicles through the use of Simultaneous Localization and Mapping. In addition, Viulib provides solutions for Traffic and Tolling Management.

Vicomtech-IK4* is an applied research centre specializing in Computer Graphics, Visual Computing and Multimedia technologies, founded in 2001 and based in San Sebastian, Spain. Vicomtech technologies address seven main markets: Industry and Advanced Manufacturing, Intelligent Transport Systems and Engineering, eHealth and Biomedical Applications, Digital Television and Multimedia Services, Interactive Computer Graphics, eTourism and Cultural Heritage and Speech and Natural Language Technologies.

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