About the TSG (Technical Steering Group)

The Technical Steering Group

The TSG (Technical Steering Group) manages the overall Tizen project, creating subsystem teams and delegating work to them as needed, tracking and managing the state of the Tizen project and subsystems.

The TSG holds regular meetings (weekly / bi-weekly). The meetings are open only to TSG members and invited guests.

Minutes of the TSG meetings are posted to tizen.org.

TSG Co-Chair

Jong-Deok Choi

Jong-Deok Choi

Executive Vice President at Samsung Electronics
Deputy Head, Samsung’s Software R&D Center (SWC).

Imad Sousou

Imad Sousou

Vice President, Software and Services Group
General Manager, Intel Open Source Technology Center


TSG Responsibilities

  • Represents the Tizen Project
  • Decides new features of Platform based on requests gathered from various stakeholders
  • Defines Tizen Roadmap and decide Platform Release Dates
  • Define device profiles, test suite for compliance & process compliance test for certification
  • Appoints Project Leaders, Maintainers, and Work Group Members
  • Hosts Developer Conferences & Events such as TDC, TDS

Current Subsystem

  • Requirements and Industry Groups
  • Program Management
  • Platform & SDK Development
  • Architecture
  • Compliance Management
  • Developer Community & Event Management
  • Systems & Infrastructure
  • Ecosystem
  • Technology Expert Group